Tips for Your IoT Business: Getting Through a Gatekeeper

12 Oct

Tips for Your IoT Business: Getting Through a Gatekeeper

IoT business

One of the most effective IoT business techniques is getting past a gatekeeper and communicating with a decision maker that will ultimately enable you to gain a new client. As you may know, it is very rare to get in contact with a decision maker on the first call. Instead,

11 Oct

Strengthen Your IoT Marketing Efforts with Three Effective Closing Strategies

IoT marketing

IoT marketing endeavors are going to be more successful if the salespeople using them are informed regarding the best closing strategies. These strategies must be practiced and honed with relevant data. That in mind, three strategies that can help you attain more effective closing include: The inoffensive/logical close Self-convincing Client-initiated closure   The Inoffensive/Logical

09 Oct

How IoT Technology is Shaping Consumer Electronics

IoT Technology

Today’s consumer electronics are much different than those of the past decades. We have progressed from simple electronic devices to gadgets that are hooked up to the Internet. These improvements are attributable to the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things, commonly referred to as IoT technology. Seemingly Ubiquitous Connectivity

05 Oct

In the Eyes of a Customer: IoT Marketing and Sales

IoT Marketing

Why do potential customers always seem to find salespeople so distasteful? Even if the product is rock solid and the service is skillful and honest, prospects still look at your employees as rogues and thieves looking to cheat them out of their money. IoT marketing offers further challenges when trying

25 Sep

IoT in Manufacturing: A Game Changer

IoT in Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a reference to the use of the web in machines, appliances, and devices. Engineers have figured out how to connect everyday objects to the web to enhance control and efficiency. IoT devices can transmit and receive data in real time. In fact, it is possible

20 Sep

IoT Technology is Transforming Insurance

IoT technology

Work Our Your Own Appraisal? IoT technology saves both insurance companies and those they insure directly and indirectly. Demonstrating this to potential clients can secure you some “big fish” as an IoT agency— CEOs and CTOs take note! Here’s the angle: collateral savings are still savings. If you save three days

19 Sep

For Your IoT Marketing: 7 Kinds of Clients That Will Waste Your Time

IoT Marketing

One of the essential IoT marketing techniques you should master is the ability to identify clients that will waste your time and not use your services. Determining if a potential client is going to buy is a critical step in the sales process that needs to be identified early on.

18 Sep

Why It’s Important to Understand the Value of Providing IoT Security

IoT security

IoT security is most effective if it functions on a network where everything can be cohesively monitored from one location by users. CEOs of IoT organizations need to be able to provide such solutions for clients one way or another. Following is how some of those security solutions should look: When

15 Sep

Three Areas Where IoT Solutions Can Save Your Business Money

IoT solutions

IoT solutions have taken the Internet from inside the computer and transmuted it to a tangible thing. If you’re working as a CEO or CTO in the IoT industry, you’re in a good place. But if you want to be the most successful one, you need to approach sales strategically. The

14 Sep

Healthcare IoT Market Projections: Staggering, to Say the Least

healthcare IoT

Healthcare IoT is set to be a market worth over $400 billion dollars by 2022. Getting involved with this technological innovation is sensible. Many healthcare businesses, large and small, have already made the switch and it’s easy to see why: savings and profitable expansion. CEOs of IoT enterprises need to know the