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How IoT Security Makes Location Tracking and Security Much Easier

21 Jun
IoT security

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and location-based tech like GPS has made it possible to improve security that much more. IoT security makes it possible to track the location and deploy assistance for protection against threats or other dangers with the push of a single button. It is clear the focus of security has quickly transitioned from the physical realm to the digital realm.

Take Advantage of IoT Technology

Wouldn’t it be nice to be provided with the help you need during emergencies? Though you cannot personally prevent threats from looming and danger from lurking, you can tap into the power of IoT security. This technology relies on location-based sensors, a unique software platform, and additional security services to ensure you are provided with the assistance you need as quickly as possible. In fact, such assistance is merely the push of a button away.

Track and Locate

IoT allows for location tracking through location-sensing devices. Such a device can be hardware specifically created for that purpose. Alternatively, it can be an app on a smartphone that leverages the phone’s location-sensing capability. The device’s location sensor tries to triangulate across already-known points to determine the relative location such as “50 feet from the known point of A, 100 feet from the known point of B” and so on. Points of reference are known locations like cell towers, RFID readers, Wi-Fi routers, BLE beacons, etc.

The location tracking device is designed with the capability to transmit its location to remote systems to ameliorate processing. The remote system computes the location, translating it to something easily understood. The plotting of geo-coordinates allows for the computing of the location. If possible, an address is provided. The remote system knows when to give an address and when providing an address is inappropriate. This technology is so advanced it can track a location-sensing device that is moving. As long as the system has the ability to receive information from the location-sensing device in specific intervals, tracking can occur.

An Example of IoT in Action

Location-tracking platforms are now capable of enhancing security through IoT technology. It is now fairly easy to track and locate individuals and assets in real-time thanks to these tech advances. The caller’s location, status regarding movement and additional details such as emergency contacts and medical history will be available to the call center operator. All the subscriber has to do is push a button and a direct line of contact will be made with such an operator. The operator has all the data at his or her fingertips thanks to the convenient central station monitoring dashboard made possible with IoT technology.

IoT Will Ultimately Enhance Business

Advancements in IoT security will improve business that much more. As an example, customers who are provided with the ability to pinpoint their location regardless of whether they are outdoors or indoors will find this technology to be quite convenient. Furthermore, businesses can provide customers with a convenient dashboard that empowers them to notify others in the event assistance is necessary. Make the most of IoT for your business and you will find this technology is well worth the investment.