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Practical Methods for IoT Marketing to Tough-to-Sell Customers

05 Sep
IoT Marketing

When developing your IoT marketing strategies, keep in mind that the way the Internet of Things is transforming business, even the toughest customers need the services you offer. They will buy from someone and you want it to be you. If you apply a few countermeasures that help you understand more about them and prevent them from becoming obstinate, then your sales will be faster and more profitable.

Avoid Hasty Judgments

At first glance, customers might seem difficult but this could be just a defense mechanism. Until you develop a trusting relationship with them, they don’t know if you really care about their goals. Their attitude can change quickly if you greet them with a professional, genuine attitude.

Understand Their Reservations

Most tough-to-sell customers have three main reservations. They wonder if you’re wasting their time, if you thoroughly know your business, and if they can trust you. If you understand their concerns, you can direct your IoT marketing efforts at showing they have nothing to worry about.

Respond Professionally

If your obstinate prospect becomes sarcastic, aggressive, or abusive, try to remain calm. Don’t react to this provocative behavior— instead, keep your composure. Think about what you’re going to say and slow down the situation by asking a question. This lets the customer state the issue. Try not to take it personally. Talk slowly and keep your voice low, which helps settle the situation and calms the agitated customer.

Listen Carefully

The best way to understand a hard-to-reach customer and close a sale is to listen to what they’re saying. If they feel you understand them, they are more likely to buy from you. Taking a thoughtful, understanding approach shows you respect and understand the customers’ doubts.

Build Rapport

It might be tempting to rush through the sale’s negotiations when dealing with a tough customer, but stick to your usual marketing strategies. Take the time to build rapport, asking questions and discovering their needs and goals. Spend time demonstrating how your services can benefit their needs. Emphasize the positive aspects of your services and appeal to the emotions of the customer.

Discuss Relevant Features

In your initial research on your customer’s profile, you discovered the services and issues that are important to the prospect. When discussing the features of your services, try not to overwhelm the customer. When you discuss the features that are valuable to a particular customer, it raises the value of your services. Be selective in your presentation.

Try the Close

When you finish your presentation and you’re sure that you’ve created enough value in your product, then try a trial close. Keep your tone natural rather than going into a final sales pitch. When asking a closing question, make it sound like a conversation so the tough customer doesn’t get alarmed. Remain casual in your delivery, so your customer doesn’t feel pressured. If your questions get a positive response, you’ll probably close the deal.

Follow Up

Some of the toughest customers just won’t commit to a sale the first time around. It’s important to follow up with them, even though they are difficult. Hard-to-please customers know their tough and usually respond positively, if they get a follow-up call. It shows you’re not intimidated by their behavior and willing to negotiate with them. At this point, they might tell you their objections for not buying and you can work it out.

Most tough customers soften if you use emotional appeal, along with the other strategies mentioned. You can follow these steps for all your IoT marketing customers when closing a deal, not just the difficult ones. These methods will help you get along better with tough customers, maneuver obstacles, build enthusiasm, and keep negotiations positive for more sales.