2020 IoT Showcase & Awards | IoT Solutions Spotlight Event

Industry Insights Webinars is hosting a unique live event on Thursday December 10, 2020. Rather than our typical panel-style discussion, this webinar will feature an array of connected solutions and tech businesses with conversations and presentations, which is open to all industries.

This event has passed. IoT Marketing would like to thank all participants, nominees, and award winners.

Find below the 2020 Award Categories with their descriptions, and the award winners.

Nominations for the First Annual Industry Insights IoT Awards are closed. The deadline for nominations was midnight on December 8, 2020.

IoT Marketing and Industry Insights Webinars would like to thank all participants for their nominations of IoT businesses and leaders.

2020 IoT Award Categories

Top IoT Influencer of the Year

The Brilliant Mind Award is given to an industry leader who has made significant contributions on behalf of the IoT industry.

This award honors the commitment of an individual who has given so much of their time and energy to move the industry forward through their unique concepts and impactful innovations surrounding IoT technology. Additionally, the award recognizes an individual’s leadership in the successful deployment of groundbreaking IoT projects that inspire evolution in the industry.

IoT Systems Integrator of the Year Award

Today, when it comes to implementing IoT solutions, customers understand the importance of defining a strategy before deploying a solution. Digital transformation requires a complete integrated solution that consists of multiple components, such as hardware and software, support services, and managed services. This is where IoT systems integrators come in.

The IoT Systems Integrator of the Year Award applauds the contributions of systems integrators in the growth of IoT technologies and acknowledges innovative projects that inspire evolution in the IoT landscape.

Top Connected Health Solution of 2020 Award

Connected health technologies are providing significant opportunities to monitor and influence patients’ care much more efficiently than ever before. Because of the massively changing healthcare landscape, it is important to recognize the technologies that truly stand out among the rest.

The Top Connected Health Solution of 2020 Award applauds the health care innovations and life-sciences companies that are incorporating advances in technology to improve patient health outcomes.

Top IoT Solution for Data Security Award

With IoT comes massive amounts of data, and the vulnerabilities that arise with the transfer and storage of information. Sensitive data that gets compromised or leaked can cause significant issues for consumers, businesses, and government organizations.

Thankfully, there are solutions available that can help keep data secure. The Top IoT Solution for Data Security Award recognizes companies working on solutions to enhance data security measures.

Brilliant Mind Award

The Brilliant Mind Award is given to an industry leader who has made significant contributions on behalf of the IoT industry.

This award honors the commitment of an individual who has given so much of their time and energy to move the industry forward through their unique concepts and impactful innovations surrounding IoT technology. Additionally, the award recognizes an individual’s leadership in the successful deployment of groundbreaking IoT projects that inspire evolution in the industry.

Smart City Innovation Award

The development of smart cities relies on key IoT technologies to make it work. These technologies impact every layer of a city, from water management and air quality monitoring to transport and municipal services. The Smart City Innovation Award honors organizations delivering IoT solutions that enable the advancement of smart cities.

This award highlights strategic innovation in the smart city ecosystem and the progress that companies have shown in bringing their solution from concept to deployment.

Green IoT Solution of the Year Award

The potential for connected technologies to help the environment is enormous. As new technologies emerge and existing technologies improve, we will become better at monitoring and managing our impact on the planet.

The Green IoT Solution of the Year Award honors innovative IoT technologies that are advancing ways to enhance sustainability and keep our environment clean and safe.

Top IoT Solution for Data Security Award

The IoT Product of the Year Award is given to the business who has created an exceptional IoT Product in 2020. The product can be a connected solution for any industry, as long as it is considered in the family of the Internet of Things and has brought great value to the IoT ecosystem.

Tech For Good- Community Impact Award

  • Honors organizations that, through innovative use of IoT, have made a difference in their communities
  • Highlights projects that have positively impacted lives and empowered citizens

2020 Industry Insights IoT Award Winners

Top IoT Solution for Data Security Award

Ampcus Cyber, accepted by Viral Trivedi, CBO

Ampcus Cyber provides end-to-end cybersecurity for organizations using Industrial IoT  (IIoT). Security challenges have been coming to the forefront of deployments and helping organizations build a cybersecurity footprint that allows them secure data once it's in the cloud. One of the company's milestones for 2020 was working with a healthcare manufacturer that recently received FDA approval for an IoT device that can be placed on patients for virtual care. Ampcus Cyber helped the healthcare manufacturer by providing a means to protect data from patients, service providers, and health care professionals to create a secure end-to-end journey that protects their data from the device to the cloud.

Green IoT Solution of the Year Award [Winner]

Paradise Sustainability, accepted by Kerry Babb, Founder & CEO

The central business focus of Paradise Technology Solutions is to provide humanitarian, sustainable, and resilient solutions to municipalities and cities in the United States and the Government of emerging economies of the Caribbean, Central America, and Africa. They specialize in information and security technology, renewable energy development, and building sustainable technologies. Their services include a complete spectrum of high-quality solar, geothermal, waste-to-energy, hydrogen, and wind solutions using utility-scale industrial and commercial applications.

Green IoT Solution of the Year Award [Nominee]

Piera Systems, accepted by Howard Pakosh, Sales Director

Piera Systems has developed intelligent particle sensor technology for measuring air quality. Their system is unique because it allows users to identify the specific size of particulates in the air. Because the pandemic has put an enormous spotlight on airborne transmissions and respiratory challenges, air quality has become top of mind for people concerned about the effects of air pollution on their health. In order to properly monitor air quality, there is a necessity for accurate sensors. Piera Systems has met this need with a cost-effective and broad range solution that measures all manner of particulates, including smoke, pollens, dust, noxious gases, and other industrial chemicals.

Geo-Location Solution of the Year

Polte, accepted by Len Schuch, GM

Polte provides cellular IoT location solutions and believes the next geolocation solution will be cellular, not satellite. In 2020 they have been engaged in several trials around the world. Standard tracking solutions using GPS work great outdoors but not in tunnels or indoors. GPS technology is also energy-intensive and limits what you can do with a tracker because it demands a significant power source or a large battery to remain active. Polte’s low-cost universal solution enables users to gain indoor and outdoor visibility of assets from point A to B using cellular signals from networks. Beyond tracking trucks, clients can use their energy-efficient solution for box level tracking of individual palletized products inside trucks as they move through the supply chain.

Top Connected Solution for Health Award

One Touch TeleHealth, accepted by Carrie Chitsey, Founder & CEO

One Touch Telehealth has developed a unique HIPAA compliant solution that helps providers move one step closer towards the virtualization of their entire healthcare organization. Some new features that were fast-tracked in 2020 were virtual workflow solutions that allowed front desk check-in, the taking of vitals, and the ability to assign prescriptions all in one call. Chitsey sited their biggest challenge of the year as connectivity. Traditionally, doctor's offices have been able to get away with low bandwidth, but now connection speeds have become an issue with multiple doctors in one practice doing video conferencing all at once. Chitsey noted additional challenges from patients in rural areas and those who can't connect to video consults because their devices are too old. There is also the pervasive issue of general throttling from carrier networks to avoid congestion because more people are doing school and work from home than ever before.

Interoperability Award

Object Spectrum, accepted by Eric Lenington, Founder & CEO

For the past five years, Object Spectrums primary product has been developing cloud software for IoT applications. On their journey, they consistently encountered customers facing issues with interoperability. Often, a client may have a device that can only communicate using one protocol, but that information needs to get to a secondary device using a completely different communication protocol. Object Spectrum already had the ability to overcome these issues using components and features within their existing platform. As a result, they were able to extract those capabilities and turn them into a stand-alone product, their new platform, Reflection. They saw a need in the market and created Reflection to reliably optimize the flow of information between devices using unique methods of conversion for data and protocols.

Best Personalized Experience Award

Disney, accepted by Gregory Toler, IoT Manager

Everyone knows Disney for delivering guest experiences that are second to none, but they wanted to take that and translate it to their 100K+ employees and cast members so they could have that same experience. Gregory manages Disney’s Orlando park and the development and deployment of IoT at Disney’s California location. To date, they have seen much success in leveraging IoT to create a smart environment, which is exemplified by their sensor-studded park in Orlando, which is larger than the city of San Francisco. From senior execs to entry-level cast members, their solutions reduce the need for mundane duties to allow teams to operate more efficiently and focus on higher-level, more rewarding tasks. Due to the size, scale, and scope of their operations, the Disney team built a truly adaptive custom platform that could ingest data and adapt to any sensor, any network, any protocol, and work with new or existing software. Their biggest win has been around smart custodial solutions that put sensors in the cans that detect fill levels, eliminating the necessity for employees to check cans manually, resulting in the achievement of double-digit cost savings in the initial rollout. Disney has one of the densest IoT deployments of any company in North America, and we applaud them for making each experience personalized and memorable.

Tech for Good Award

Kevin Jones, CIO at Indiana Department of Child Services

Kevin Jones took part in the complete overhaul and replacement of current IT infrastructure in Indiana by replacing legacy systems and focusing on data collection. The state currently has 5,000 case managers serving 6.7 million Indiana residents and wants to ensure they have the best support. Indiana and many other states suffer from high staff turnover, so they began leveraging virtual reality (VR) to identify candidates and give them an experience of what it's like to be on the job before accepting it. Ultimately, they reduced the number of people that received job offers because they could identify better candidates while also reducing the number of people who accepted the role. In the first year, their solution reduced staff turnover from 55% to 18%, the lowest in the agency's history. Not only did this reduction allow almost 50 million a year to be returned to day-to-day operations for the state, but it also helped the families served to receive more effective and consistent assistance.

Brilliant Mind Award

David Knight, Founder & CEO of Terbine

David Knight has identified many applications and sectors which could benefit from moving data from one place to another and to meet this need developed Terbine, the first global exchange for IoT data. While there are currently many obstructive regulations and liabilities in place, the team at Terbine has been identifying and figuring out ways to solve those issues at scale. The holy grail for many in the IoT industry is the monetization of IoT data, and it hasn’t been done before on a global scale. Terbine recently got the first generation of their system up and running, and they are currently working with the city of Las Vegas to build a smart city data portal that can be viewed at lasvegas.terbine.io. Beyond basic traffic intelligence, they also have data on air quality, water waste, electricity distribution and usage, highway vehicle counts, airport arrival data, and more. As Terbine continues to evolve and perfect their solution for monetizing IoT data, they demonstrate brilliance and innovation for the Internet of Things.

Smart City Solution of the Year Award

Klika Tech, accepted by Monolo Morales, Head of Business Development

As a provider of big data cloud solutions, Klika Tech is a global company with a local presence in Miami, the EU, and Asia. They develop firmware and software apps for smart buildings and smart cities in addition to other verticals in consumer and industrial IoT. Their solution allows clients to connect sensors to the cloud in an easy and scalable way. One of their first clients –who is still with them—was a real estate provider. They helped enhance the owner and renter experience with a platform that allowed them to connect to sensors for air quality and heating to help lower costs and improve operations. Additional customer experience applications included door and window sensors that gave renters visibility, access, and control over their unit with a custom visualization dashboard and even the ability to connect with Alexa devices.

IoT Systems Integrator of the Year Award

IoTco, accepted by Dr. Mo Abuali, Chief Evangelist

IoTco helps manufacturers install different integrations and developments for factories and manufacturers. Through consulting and training on industry 4.0, they enable manufacturers with connected solutions to gain visibility of the factory floor. IoTco also helps with the deployment of IIoT technologies so operators can predict machine issues before they happen, which drives IoTco’s mission to bring zero downtime and zero defects to manufacturing operations. Working heavily in the automotive and aerospace industry, they focus on business cases that improve uptime and reduce scrap to enhance overall productivity. One of the biggest challenges they deal with is change management. IoTco believes in the “connected worker” and fostering cultures within companies to provide training and make sure people have the knowledge and understanding necessary to embrace the benefits that IoT brings to operations.

IoT Product of the Year Award

Shelly 3EM of Allterco Robotics

Shelly 3EM is a professional 3-phase energy meter that can calculate 2-way consumption: produced and used energy for each of the three phases. The device can be configured to measure three separate points of a mono-phase electrical system and measure each of them separately. The Shelly 3EM solution can monitor the consumption of any home appliance, electrical circuit, power lines, security, or HVAC system and is applicable for both home and industrial use. Their 3-phase energy meter can calculate energy cost for production, provide notifications if a machine is powered on during non-working hours, and allows for remote on/off control for power optimization. The ability to measure and control energy use for multiple machines from one dashboard helps owners maintain awareness of energy usage and makes energy savings as easy as the push of a button.

Influencer of the Year Award

Steve Brumer, Partner at BH IoT Group

Steve has worked for the last 27 years bringing M2M connected solutions to enterprise-level operations. His company, BH IoT, is aware of IoT's phenomenal influence across the world in all different segments and verticals. BH IoT Group works to bring new ideas to companies that allow them to look at the monetization and commercialization of IoT in various industries. As a trusted advisor and influencer within the IoT space, Mr. Brumer has participated in 22 virtual events in 2020. Steve referred to IoT as a great disruptive technology and noted that not a day goes by without discovering another innovation that allows more companies and people to achieve growth and advancement using IoT.

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