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How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting Supply Chain Systems: Rethinking the Supply Chain Paradigm

Exposing various vulnerabilities in global supply chain systems, the coronavirus pandemic has raised awareness about the importance of choosing, maintaining, and replacing supply chain vendors. While much emphasis has been placed on maintaining supplies and keeping customers satisfied, at some point, supply chains must be evaluated. Operations are not as [...]

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Powering Through the Crisis: Accelerating Onshore Manufacturing with Cobots and CNC Machining

Before the pandemic, it was well known that several industries in the U.S. have been facing a skilled-labor shortage. According to Deloitte, the manufacturing industry was no exception, with estimates of 2.4 million unfilled positions by 2028. The Road to Recovery Around the world, shelter-in-place orders are beginning to lift, [...]

Manufacturing News & Topics, Upcoming Webinars

Will COVID-19 Disrupt China’s Role as “The World’s Factory”?

Decades of globalization have contributed to a concentration of manufacturing hubs in areas with the most competitive advantages. Following the pandemic, a survey released mid-April by The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) noted that 75% of U.S. companies experienced supply chain disruptions. Additionally, almost half of the respondents reported lowered [...]

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Coronavirus Pandemic Shuts Down Trade Show Events

Until the COVID-19 outbreak struck several countries in 2020, international trade shows were considered essential for global businesses. They were the places where vendors developed new relationships and where journalists have sought new discoveries to cover. During the pandemic, however, all large public gatherings have been either discouraged or banned, [...]