How do you stay on the cutting edge with technology evolving so rapidly?

Each moment the world as we know it, not only gets smarter, but more intelligent.

Advanced and evolving technologies like IoT, machine learning, AI, XR, and drones, have the inherent ability to enhance business operations, change profit margins, and even transform entire cities.

How will these advancements shape our digital future?

The answer is still unknown, however there is plenty of speculation, as the volume and variety of data continues to increase.

What emerging trends will drive digital transformation in the year ahead?


Businesses are facing many challenges as climate change increases and carbon emission tracking becomes mandatory. There is a need for green solutions that assist in bringing balance to the environment and eliminating unnecessary waste. 

The Green Things Summit will highlight IoT and other technologies used to drive green initiatives, optimize processes, reduce energy, empower the transition to clean energy, support ESG, and help the environment.

Featuring panel discussions, keynotes, training sessions, and fireside chats, the Green Things Summit has a multitude of opportunities to learn about green technology solutions and network with like minded professionals.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Sustainability and ESG
  • Energy efficiency and power optimization
  • IoT’s role for EVs and clean energy
  • Green technology strategies

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The emerging concept of green IoT serves multiple purposes with the goal of improving the quality of life through technology and eco-friendly practices. IoT stands for the “Internet of Things” which comprise real-time internet-connected devices designed to collect specific data. Meanwhile, green IoT involves the use of sensors that monitor the environment to ensure the

The Internet of Things (IoT) is giving businesses competitive edges that didn’t exist earlier this century. Businesses that find IoT data leaks a reason to avoid investing in a digital infrastructure with IoT sensors, should consider blockchain as a superior cybersecurity layer. Here’s a look at how combining blockchain and IoT can empower your business to

One of the most understated developments in modern technology is the 3D printing of IoT devices. The 3D printer is helping spark the growth of IoT in various ways and is becoming increasingly more useful to businesses seeking to innovate. Here’s a look at the impact 3D printing has had on IoT technology.More Efficient PrototypesIt’s no

You can build a powerful business operation with 3D printing and IoT. It can give your business a huge competitive edge over competitors who resist change. Here are ways your business can benefit from smart 3D printing.Combining Disruptive TechnologiesThe combination of disruptive technologies can be the key to a market boom. IoT technology encompasses sensors

In-person events have picked up steam as the COVID-19 vaccine has rolled out in the U.S. and worldwide, and industry watchers expect that trend to continue. But virtual events aren’t going anywhere, according to event organizers. Rather than one format replacing the other, event marketing professionals say they’re seeing a hybrid approach that combines face-to-face interactions

In the world of commercial lending and origination, software is key. The right software can help you streamline your operations, reduce risk and costs, increase productivity, and make more informed decisions.  That’s why choosing a lender/loan originator system that works best for your needs, your company’s culture and your goal is important. Here are some