Abdul Basit Saboowala, popularly known as Holo Abdul for building science fiction hologram technology as watched in movies like 'Star Trek' & 'Iron Man' bringing it to reality with his invention of world's first patent-protected 'Holographic Interactive Technology' and 'Virtual 3D Toolbox' and is currently leading his global multi-award-winning hi-tech venture Holo Shiksha & Holo Abdul with a vision to revolutionize the educational experience.

He began his journey as one of the Youngest Physics Professor and have been taking lectures at Schools & Colleges across the country. He is also an active International Speaker and has advised 100+ institutions and corporates internationally on Immersive Technology, Education, Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, Abdul is a Forbes India Great CEOs Nominee and have received multiple National & International Awards such as by India Google Techstar, Nehru Science Centre, IIT Bombay, EO GSEA, Asia Top 500, etc.