Founder and CEO

Zebrafi, a remote sales strategy and software company, empowers high growth companies to acquire and retain the most profitable customers working virtually. Sitting on top of Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, Zebrafi leverages groundbreaking, software that scores and vets the perfect prospect throughout the buyer journey. In stark contrast to traditional sales funnels, Zebrafi teaches sales leaders how to recruit prospects with pain points that their company has a track record of solving.

Quantifying the business value of their solution, the sales team can demonstrate the degree of success they can deliver to the new prospect on a live interactive sales platform. Zebrafi guides the sales teams in designing custom business cases for C-level executives in the form of metrics-driven presentations and case studies that forecast the financial impact of the solution to gain buy-in.

For over 20 years the Zebrafi team has developed a track record of proven client successes working virtually. They coach and collaborate with clients online to build a holistic sales system and culture that create trust and sales results. Case studies verify customers routinely experience faster sales cycles, larger deals and higher close rates. For more information: visit