Founder and CEO

As a Freelance I work in a wide range of fields in smart cities, such as:

Trash, 3D mapping, accessibility, transportation, energy, agriculture, education, pest control, tourism, security, sports, construction, infrastructure, logistics solutions, collaborative economy, employee management systems.

I am keen about technological innovation and I am promoting enterprises with the desire to improve the quality of life of residents in different cities.

Main positions:

  • Management of the Open University Entrepreneurship Club for 5 years.
  • Establishment and management of smart cities community in Israel, which include more than 200 Representatives of different companies in all verticals of smart cities.
  • Representation of various verticals companies in smart cities.
  • PR of enterprises and start-ups.
  • Promoting collaborations between enterprises , companies, municipalities and academic institutions.
  • Organizing conferences and sponsoring.