Chief Technology Officer

Joining WIN Connectivity as the Chief Technology Officer, Tim brings 20+ years of information technology experience in a variety of technology sectors. He has worked in various engineering, design and support roles with technology ranging from carrier-class networking equipment, enterprise and data center, healthcare IT, cybersecurity and real estate.

Tim has worked in both established communications companies such as MCI and Lucent and has also been a part of early-stage startups such as Edgewater Networks, taking products from the design phase all the way to implementation and ongoing lifecycle management. He provides support for the broader WIN team by focusing on key areas such as technology evolution, product development and design, as well as OSS/BSS and back-office solutions. Tim brings to WIN the experience of leveraging cloud infrastructure to deploy WIN’s technology solutions and is responsible for the lifecycle support of all of WIN’s technology offerings including Connectivity-as-a-Service.

Tim is proud to have served in the Marine Corps for fourteen years, in various unit leadership and operational planning roles, and is a graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.