Converting Communities and Campuses into Innovation Engines

In 2017 Kelley left her transit job to advise a private campus owner looking to move hundreds of people in accessible automated connected electric shared vehicles. Since then she forged looking partnerships between technology firms and communities and campuses. Three time CEO as well as a Member of the 2008 Presidential Transition Team, she has fostered innovation needed to rebuild after devastating natural disasters, terrorism events, and financial crises. A2CES Framework for Hawaii, she’s recently authored mobility innovation frameworks for a dozen cities, states, and private owners. In January of this year, the National Academy Press published her research on low-speed automation in public transportation and she served as the Principal Investigator for comprehensive assessment of research needs in autonomous vehicles and shared mobility across nine categories: safety, freight, land use, equity, social impacts, transit, data, infrastructure enablers, and planning and modelling. Her nom-de-plume is Mobility Mama and she’s a published travel writer focused on multimodal family adventure travel by microbuses, foot on Incan Roads, biking, fishing boats, trains and planes. She is a disruptive tech whisperer working to create equitable and sustainable communities that are AV ready property line to the centerline and all things between. Her mission: to connect public and private mobility for all.