Navigating the $2 Trillion IoT Market

The IoT market continuous to grow rapidly with more technology and intelligence is being moved to the edge. By the end of this decade, the entire IoT market will cross the $2 Trillion mark. However, launching an IoT project remains a challenge. Research after research shows that the majority of IoT projects fail because of product complexity, rapidly changing technology, cybersecurity challenges to name a few. And when you have a working device, marketing your product is the next challenge.

Prior to the pandemic IoT Marketing used trade shows to engage with prospects and clients. However, realizing that the global health crisis would limit travel and halt trade shows, we pivoted to webinars. We found that webinars were a great way to keep the IoT and tech ecosystems connected. We also learned during the pandemic that rate of innovation had accelerated and that we could keep our audience abreast of the latest technology with our webinars.

Where many other webinars are produced by a technology provider to highlight their technology, our Industry Insights Webinars series is a platform, to showcase different technology solution providers, that is agnostic. This draws in a larger audience and gives attendees a broader view of what technologies are available.

The sales cycle for IoT products can be very long. In some instances, it can take years for a potential customer to hear about a solution, realize its value, figure out how to implement it into their business, and then choose the right provider. Our series presents the material in such a way that it streamlines the sales cycle by presenting the objectives for why technology is used for a given industry, the challenges that surround it, and the different technology solutions that are available, closing with forward-looking thoughts on where we see that industry headed.

C-level executives, directors, and other decision makers have much to focus on in their business and industry. It is not uncommon for them to develop tunnel vision. However, the times they are             a-changing rapidly. Our content highlights a new industry or topic in each edition, allowing them to step outside the box or turn off the blinders, enabling them to grow their understanding of connected solutions by seeing how other industries are leveraging technology.

IoT and other technologies are complex. Many business professionals have difficulty understanding how technology can actually help them and benefit their business. We are educators at heart, the way we present the material is straightforward, simplified, and easy to understand.

And last, but certainly not least, not all information on the internet is accurate and can be misleading. IoT Marketing and the Industry Insights Webinars series are recognized as a trusted source of news and information.