Benefit: Share Experiences Online

We suggest consistent scheduling of blogs, white papers, case studies and newsletters based upon client goals.

  • Inbound Marketing Content
    Benefit: Attract Qualified Leads and Improved SEO

    Blogs and white papers can serve as inbound marketing magnets attracting qualified leads and improving SEO. The website can attract an audience seeking the latest news on your topic of expertise.
  • Case Studies/White Paper Development
    Benefit: Establish Proof Points

    As part of the initial strategic messaging conversations, we will determine potential case studies or white papers to demonstrate company's capabilities. Once prepared, these case studies can be used in sales presentations, client proposals and on the corporate website.
  • Newsletter Development and Database Building
    Benefit: Gain New Leads

    Development of an online newsletter can be part of the monthly PR activities. We propose quarterly distribution of the online newsletter, but frequency may vary depending on newsworthy announcements and other ongoing marketing efforts. We work in tandem with our clients to grow and expand their database using vetted list resources, researched email invites and campaigns using white papers/infographics as gated lead magnets.