Alex Capecelatro

Experienced leader in AI

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Alex is deeply passionate about the intersection of design and technology. His interests span IoT, UX design, machine learning, AI, smart home, and pushing the boundary on what's possible.

Alex had his first success in middle school when he and his brother launched a consumer BMX website that quickly grew in popularity. His interests evolved towards physics, science, and engineering, and with a focus on impact he left high school early to work as a research scientist for the government.

After working on nanotechnology and bioengineering projects for the Naval Research Lab, Harvard, Sandia National Lab, NASA, and UCLA, Alex consulted for the X Prize Foundation and Aerogel Technologies. With a desire to bridge his engineering interests and consumer products, Alex joined Fisker Automotive full time. It was at Fisker that Alex saw firsthand the power of combining brilliant engineering and elegant design to inspire consumers.

In 2011 Alex founded Hyphos Inc, a software company based in LA. With a passion to take what he learned in consumer product design and technology, Alex built a team aimed at bridging the online-offline gap in order to connect people in a more meaningful way. His first product, At The Pool, was featured in the likes of Forbes, LA Times, and Fast Company, and boasted members in more than 120 countries across 3,500 cities. Yeti, a local recommendation product that emerged from At The Pool passed 3,000,000 swipes in just the first few months.

In 2015, Alex launched with co-founder Tim Gill, aiming to revolutionize society's interaction with our environments. Initially focused on luxury smart homes, boasts the industry-leading natural language processing engine and home control platform, alongside its award-winning hardware.

Alex sits on the UCLA Engineering Alumni board, the CEDIA board, the StartOut board, and has been a fellow with the LA Coalition for Jobs and the Economy. In his spare time Alex is an avid hiker, cyclist, skydiver, and skier.