Barbara Pareglio


A positive and enthusiastic technician and project/team leader who enjoys exploring new technologies. Interested in exploring and investigate new ways for achieving practical and sustainable solutions to problems. Experienced in bringing people together, regardless of their competence, nationalities or culture and committed to find consensus. Capable to explain solutions to a different audiences, from a high level business point of view to a technical detail view.

Always looking for new technologies, trends and way of thinking that can be used to change prospective in the daily work. Interest in discussing findings, sharing ideas and brainstorming for developing new ideas/opportunities.

A team player driven to set goals and achieve results in both complex solutions as challenging settings. Always striving toward the best solution for the customer, in both the technical as business aspects. Values personal integrity and professionalism. A versatile professional that adapts easily and has a healthy need to be challenged and to grow.

Transferable skills:
• adapt to situations
• motivate others
• technical coordination
• team leading
• coaching
• flexible
• confident to speak in public

Mobile communication and service delivery platform, IoT, Service Exposure, Service Enabling, Webservices