Bassem Boshra


27 years professional career where i was always looking to take the ICT industry a step forward whenever there is a need for innovative telecom solutions, offerings & automated process for operations & management tools, right competence skill set & tools to enable my organization to sell more, deliver with speed & quality using a simple process and clear organization structure. I would like to be taking it from ideas into strategy, communication & up to delivery with operators launching new services.

I've started my career back in 1995 as a professional programmer focused in innovative technologies moving from development of low level operating system calls to the early internet days developing internet banking systems to NCR RMEA customers.

In 2000 I've been the 1st employee to join Ericsson Mobile Internet Center of excellence in Egypt as a solution architect & system designer in early days of GPRS trying to build & sell Mobile Payment solution and ending up to sell first locally customized WAP Gateway, it was too early for mobile payments.

In 2002 i was leading a team of innovative developers & testers with their dedicated LAB in Ericsson serving operators & application development partners in the EMW days where we built & sold the 1st enterprise WAP stock trading solution in Egypt and sold first Operator portal solution in Northern Africa.

In 2003/2004 i became the SI champion in Egypt when Ericsson started the System Integration business in Northern Africa growing up service layer (VAS) capabilities to build solutions for MIEP, MMS, SMSCs, Multi Activation platforms, Network Management nodes and changing the way operators used to use their classic GSM OSS to new arena of OSS RC SI solution.

In 2007, I've started a new journey in Ericsson focusing back on software development building up a customization center in Egypt delivering world-wide.

Now I'm making, to be the platform of choice to build IoT & M2M applications in few hours.