Brandon Satrom


With over two decades of experience in the technology industry, I am a driven technologist and experienced leader who is passionate about creating innovative and impactful solutions with the latest technologies and platforms. As the VP of Developer Experience & Engineering at Blues, I lead a team of talented engineers who are building the Notecard™, a simple and cost-effective embeddable cellular IoT solution for cloud-based monitoring and connected operations.

My core competencies include product management, strategy, architecture, software development, developer advocacy, and community management. I have a diverse and extensive background in working with various languages and technologies, such as JavaScript, Python, C++, C, Arduino, iOS/Objective-C, Android/Java, and Ruby/Rails. I also have a proven track record of delivering successful products, books, publications, and presentations that educate, inspire, and engage audiences around the world. My mission is to unblock AI with the IoT and empower people and businesses to better understand and interact with their world.