Chaun Powell

Principal Financial Group

Where are you from? What makes you tick? What are you working on right now that excites you most?

Some of my favorite questions. Why? If you can see the world through the lenses of others you appreciate where they have been, what is important to them, and where they are going. Connecting the dots to what you are professionally or personally charged to do will make those relationships stronger shifting transactional and superficial conversations into meaningful and memory making engagements. Life, after all, is about making an impact in the lives and communities of others…and I am blessed to work with great people in ways that humble and inspire me daily!

From teaching at DU and the Latino Leadership Institute to shifting paradigms in healthcare at Premier, everyday presents us with unique opportunities to execute on goals, drive revenue, increase profitability, and make an impact (professionally and as a husband and a father). While all of these are metrics that I utilize to measure progress, they don't occur without an appreciation for what's important to others and intentional engagement every single day. Ask the questions. Think creatively about your solutions. Drive change.

How did you do to contribute to your goals and overall success today?