Erin Greeson

Climate Line LLC

My goal is to advance missions and brands that shape a sustainable global economy, environment and culture. I craft and lead measurable communications, branding and audience engagement strategies that advance enterprises in high-impact ways. I have led global programs and partnerships for leading organizations.

Global experience across sectors - combined with a personable, diplomatic style - enables me to successfully support diverse industries, initiatives and teams.

Agency and in-house experience spans categories: science, tech, space, aerospace, energy, cleantech, renewables (e.g. wind, solar, geothermal + storage), environment, climate, policy, conservation, healthcare, transport, sustainable building, architecture, real estate, travel, tourism, entertainment and the arts. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) advocate, ally and action-driver.

Internal: Strategic planning, team building, branding best practices, counsel for C-level executives, staff development, mentorship, corporate communications, multimedia team leadership, policy development, project management, coalition building, workshop facilitation, audience research, trainings, emergency response, risk assessment, speech and script writing, tools and guidelines development and oversight, change management, quality control, budgeting and continual process improvement.

External: Integrated strategy development and implementation, brand-building, business positioning, B2B, B2C, public relations, messaging, content marketing, unified storytelling, social media, digital and multimedia, media relations, strategic partnerships, relationship-building, stakeholder engagement, public policy, press conferences, reputation management, community outreach and events, donor and client relations, cross-cultural communications, crisis communications, public speaking, leadership positioning, brand management, writing, editing, outcome tracking, analytics, measurement.