Evan Chiles


My life and career are built around two fundamental beliefs: adults are highly capable language learners, and we as educators should be innovating on how to teach and empower them.

At my school, ExcelMandarin, we are building a revolutionary community of support, encouragement, and positivity around adult language learning. We are not just a language school; we are a community of educators, service workers, social workers, doctors, tech workers, language enthusiasts, and everything in between. We are a community of passionate learners who believe the world will be a better place if we can connect with people from other cultures and backgrounds.

We are paving the future for what it means to be a language enthusiast and adult learner, especially in the realm of Mandarin language learning. Our online classes are fun, interactive, interest-focused. We show students how to cultivate passion and use that passion as the driving force for learning. We teach students how to teach themselves, and empower them to grow in ways they didn't know they could.

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💼Our two-week business intensive Chinese course launches in June. If you or your team is potentially interested in attending (or want details), shoot me a message on LinkedIn!

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