Jeff Koser

Jeff has extensive operating experience in high growth companies with a focus on go to market strategies affecting sales, marketing, and channel. He has brought his leadership skills as an operating executive to the management team of companies resulting in fourteen companies experiencing great liquidity exits, with 5 achieving $1b or more in market capitalization.

Client company success;
• Jeff assisted Vivisimo, makers of software to access and cluster the worlds information, for better search and discovery, resulting in 421% larger deals, leading to an acquisition by IBM for 20x revenue - watch video.
• Assisted Taleo, SaaS tools for sourcing, recruiting and onboarding, with their value-based go-to-market resulting in growth from $8m to $326k laying the foundation for an acquisition by Oracle for $1.6b.
• Assisted Serigraph Inc., a commercial molder of plastics for automotive, appliance, consumer goods, medical device, lifting sales from 10 years of stagnation to an 800% improvement in sales close rate, 211% improvement in contribution margin, 26% faster sales cycles, and the best sales years in previous 10 years - watch video.
• Jeff served as COO of Baan Supply Chain Solutions, and VP of Sales at Baan Americas (1993-1998), assisting in the company’s IPO and annual revenue growth from $60 million to $800 million.

• Leading challenged companies thru major transformations resulting in acquisition or IPO: Baan (IPO), Taleo (IPO and acquisition by Oracle), Vivisimo (acquisition by IBM).
• Working with innovative technology companies thru explosive growth: Baan ($60m to $800m), Taleo ($8m to $326m), Vivisimo, growth that resulted an acquisition by IBM for 20x revenue.

In 2008 he was the best sales business book award-winning co-author of Selling to Zebras and in 2010, Jeff was honored as one of the greatest sales authors of all time in the book The Sales Gurus.