Jehan Idsassi

United Nations Youth

Jehan Idsassi is a 17-year-old Moroccan-Amazigh-American youth inventor, activist, non-profit founder, NIH and FDA intern passionate about leveraging science and technology to create positive change globally.

During the past 3 years, Jehan noticed that many of her own family members and individuals around the world were being negatively impacted by Parkinson's Disease, one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases in the world; thus, with her leadership and research skills, Jehan innovated the 1st ever, cost-affordable, and most effective treatment to Parkinson's Disease called "NeuroPARK" which is composed of GLP-1 agonists and Rasagiline.

She has been working with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and top researchers within institutions including Stanford University and UCLA to finalize the development of NeuroPARK.

Jehan's efforts in innovation were featured in Way to Be, Nasdaq, Forbes, Vogue, Baltimore Sun, New York Times, and more.

Her work was by President Biden through the National Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award. She was also named a 2022 International Giving Tuesday SPARK Leader, representing the United States for her innovations. Jehan has also been named a 2023 Duke of Edinburgh International Awardee, a 2022 TheirWorld Global Youth Ambassador, United Nations Ocean Decade Youth Advisory Council member, & more.

While Jehan delved into addressing various real-world issues through her inventive solutions, she realized that addressing global issues including climate change, gender equality, and much more are all complexities that require a collective strategy, one that includes the active involvement of young minds in the discourse.

Furthermore, Jehan has been invited to the White House by First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden and VP Kamala Harris.

Jehan aims to attend a top college where she aims to major in neuroscience and afterward attend a top medical school to ultimately become the youngest and first hijab-wearing neurosurgeon. Jehan has impacted over 100,000 students across 20+ countries and hopes to reach 200,000 students in the coming years.

Jehan serves as the Founder and Executive Director of STEM Up, a nationally and internationally recognized 501(c) nonprofit organization, dedicated to advocating for female representation in STEM & crucial global issues. She has also served on various youth councils & boards.