Joseph McElroy

Galileo Tech Media

Joseph is a search, AI, and brand marketing professional who understands it takes much more than “words” to enhance a brand. It takes wise words, wise content. Joseph possesses the depth that allows him to live and breathe a brand, and realizes the emotional and psychological elements of marketing. Joseph’s experience with big-data tools, brand awareness marketing, seo strategy and implementation, and all the ins and outs of content marketing have brought him in contact with some of the top brands in the world. Joseph is co-founder and CEO of Galileo Tech Media, where he recently led a large team helping client Marriott International increase brand awareness and search engine direct bookings with content creation and optimization for thousands of hotels.

Joseph is a graduate of Computer Science and Economics from Duke University, which he attended on a full mathematics scholarship won via national competition. Joseph was a former team leader at IBM. At IBM he led the development of Internet Gateways that allowed Internet traffic to flow over IBM's proprietary networks worldwide. While at IBM, he won IBM Division Award for Technical Excellence. Joseph became an entrepreneur and marketer after IBM, and was part of the original dot-com boom and bust, where he raised millions of dollars and successfully brought the startup to profitability. He became an expert in Search Engine Optimization and led many SEO efforts for companies ranging from startups to international companies like Welada.

Joseph is the visionary founder of the Odyssey of Renewal, a transformative program designed to guide individuals through stages of recovery and discovery following significant life changes. With a deep understanding of the interplay between personal growth and environmental influence, Joseph has created a series of retreats and workshops that marry the therapeutic beauty of nature with artistic expression, scientific insights, and community engagement. His commitment to fostering personal and professional evolution is rooted in his own journey and expertise in technology, marketing, creativity, and hospitality, making him a guiding light for those seeking to redefine their identities and embrace a new chapter in life.

Joseph is a museum recognized artist and cultural supporter. He has performed internationally in acclaimed performance art work and has had his poetry published on the Jumbotron in Times Square.

From magazine "Open" - "The McElroys kick open the doors of old business models and capitalize on what they believe."