Kerry Babb

Paradise Technology Solutions

Kerry has a passion for Sustainable Development and Resilience. His "Professional Benchmark" is strategically linked to the UN Global Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). This plarform effectively builds resilient infrastructure; promotes sustainable growth and fosters disruptive and innovative future technologies to maintain balanced ecosytem services.

His adept Project Management and Project Development experience enhances his capabilities in delivering Sustainability and Resilience Strategies, Food Security Solutions, and Economic Development Programs based on the Circular Economy principles.

Some of his main initiatives involve developing Smart & Sustainable Solutions for Emerging Economies, Communities and Citizens to improve Quality of Life and promote Sustainable Growth.

  * Project Management
  * Smart & Connected Cities Planning
  * Sustainability Action Plans
  * Energy Efficiency Programs
  * Renewable Energy Project Development
  * Smart Agriculture (Food Security)
  * Sustainable Housing
  * Entrepreneurship & Leadership Programs
  * Smart buildings
  * Smart Waste techniques.

He served as the Co-Chairman of Sustainability Committee at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce where they championed the awareness for Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism sectors.

Some successful engagements that shaped his skills were at AT&T, Arthur Andersen, Salomon Brothers, First Boston, Bank of New York, the Caribbean Development Bank, Governments of Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia, Belize and Antigua & Barbuda, and as Head of Sustainability at Paradise Technology Solutions.

His Solar Project Development expertise landed him among the Department of Energy’s (DoE) coaches who support dozens of teams across the USA with their technical needs, as they develop innovative, scalable business and financial models that open new solar markets to benefiting under-served communities.

With a strong focus on Smart City and Smart Community Planning, Kerry delves deeper into creating high quality of life across global cities and communities. Planning cities with 360° thinking to develop "Cities for People" using technology as a guiding tool.

A large emphasis is placed on creating Future Food Systems that are Sustainable, Circular, and Smart, to create and sustain local Food Security in each City. This aims to Develop and Improve Quality of Life by increasing employment opportunities, providing health and nutrition education, and improving physical and mental health within communities.