Kirsch Mackey


I am the Founder of HaSofu - A hardware software design services company that provides skill training in electronics and PCB design for anyone ready to hit the ground running in the hardware industry.

My mission is to make hard-to-learn skills accessible to all using education and artificial intelligence.

I have over 10 years of experience in hardware, firmware, and software development and testing, using tools such as Electrical design, Microcontrollers, and Python.

I also hold a Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in the same field focused on AI solutions for Electrical Engineering challenges, as well as a certificate in Performing Arts Industry Essentials from NYU.

My mission right now is to improve the EDA electrical hardware design industry by educating students and professionals in electronics design and PCB design so that companies and individuals fill the skill gap in electrical and electronics engineering.