Michael Atkinson

ARI Venture Studio

I am a ResTech Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor and co-founder of ARI Venture Studio, where we focus on solving real problems for an industry in transition. With over 30 years of experience in a diverse range of bootstrapped and investor-backed startups.

I have a proven track record of creating and innovating products, validating solutions, raising capital, and establishing competitive strategies in various domains, such as food, beverage, restaurants, food tech, ResTech, social media, investment banking, and big data integration, robotics, voice technology, data and analytics.

As a senior executive, manager and repeat entrepreneur, I have managed nearly every functional group in a company and worked with strong management teams, visionaries, celebrities, dreamers, high-achievers, executors and investors who have made significant contributions. I have also developed and leveraged my expertise in restaurant automation and emerging and revolutionary voice technology systems and opportunities, which are key drivers of ResTech innovation and transformation.

I am a frequent speaker on topics ranging from leadership to ResTech trends and challenges. I am passionate about empowering and enabling the ResTech industry to adapt, grow, and thrive in the digital era.