Robert Hamblet

Teal Communications

Mr. Robert Hamblet is a Co-Founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer, President & Board Member at Teal Communications, which is founded by both him and Michael Johnston, Jr. in 2018, Teal was created to revolutionize eSIM technology and to provide a new connectivity platform that provides true programmability. With Teal you get programmatic control to connect onto any networks in the world.

Robert was previously a senior engineer at Globetouch, a company that provides white-label-platform as a service (WPaaS), for the deployment of IoT applications centered around global connectivity, device management and edge intelligence for automotive manufacturers. While at Globetouch, Robby noticed there was a huge opportunity to build a connected world far beyond the automotive industry. Today, Teal is the world’s first true eSIM platform connecting the world one IoT device at a time.