Thomas Hallin


Connecting people. Connecting the dots. Encouraging everyone to think differently.
It’s what I do, and I love it!!!

I innovate, collaborate, encourage, celebrate and support the development of opportunity creation, inclusive access and ecosystem building, with and for historically underrepresented individuals, groups, and communities - for the benefit of everyone.

Intellectually curious, challenging assumptions and willing to explore different perspectives. Positive by nature, a risk taker, a collaborative connector, and in constant pursuit of knowledge and factfulness.

I am an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur with over 30 years of international sales, marketing and business development experience.

Solutions oriented and an action driven professional, dedicated to enabling and connecting innovators and entrepreneurs.

Strategic thinker and visionary, who embrace collaboration, co-creation and integration to create and deliver better, meaningful results.

• Actively promote and stimulate the growth of effective, efficient, productive, interactive and engaging meetings of the minds.
• Create significant value and positive impact that is sustainable.
• Consistently deliver exceptional service, support & product solutions.

Creative Thinking
Strategic Partnership Development
Event Architecture and Event Tech
Business Development
Marketing, Sales and Strategic Account Management.
Community Building
Mechatronic Engineer (Arduino)

Spartan racing, long-distance running, sail racing, surf-ski kayaking, biking/mountain biking, tennis, music, food, and a good laugh.

Be kind. Be generous. Be happy.
And above all LOVE.