Tim Dentry


I have been a player/coach in a diverse range of IT domains including real-time communications, Cybersecurity, SaaS, 5G wireless, cloud and data center, application development and enterprise IT architecture. I have a deep base of experiences in architecting B2B, B2C and A2C applications in Healthcare, Real Estate, VoIP, Video, IoT and other IT focus verticals.

I thirst for knowledge, and in my current journey, I am a M.S. student in a domain of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning called Human Language Technology (which includes Natural Language Processing, Conversational AI, Applied Computational Linguistics, Information Extraction, Chatbot and other exciting focus areas that could have a future positive impact to the human race when coupled with the right motivation). My goal is to use my degree, skills and experiences to lead language technology initiatives and also ensure these solutions meet confidentiality, integrity and availability metrics as relating to cybersecurity, risk and compliance.