Wayne Ronhaar

Cylentium Inc.

Wayne Ronhaar is CEO of Cylentium Inc., the WORLD’S ONLY LAYER 2 next generation SaaS platform delivering true “Zero Trust” Network Protection. Through sophisticated Cyber Cloaking and Invisibility, Policy Based Access Control (PBAC), Military Grade Micro-Segmentation, Next Gen Policy Based Access Control, Decentralized ID (DID), Edge IoT device management, next gen encryption levels - quantum, ECC, AES 128 and AES 256, Insider Anomalous Threat Monitoring and Protection, and LAYER 2 Peer-to-Peer networking and communications, Cylentium is the new cybersecurity future. Wayne has extensive international business and technology experience, and held senior executive roles with Microsoft, PricewaterHouse, and Fortune 50 and 25 Banking, Oil and Gas, Transportation, and Supply Chain companies.