Summit of Things 2023 Agenda

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Wednesday, October 25th

The Future of IoT

Tiffani Neilson | CMO @ IoT Marketing

David Knight | CEO @ Terbine

Rob Tiffani | Founder @ Sustainable Logix

The Future of IoT panel discussion will explore emerging use cases for IoT, featuring David Knight of Terbine and Rob Tiffany of the Digital Insights podcast, moderated by Tiffani Neilson of IoT Marketing.

Powering Walmart's Last Mile Delivery

Precia Carraway

Director of Last Mile Delivery Drones | Walmart

Join Precia Carraway of Walmart in a fireside chat hosted by Tiffani Neilson as they discuss the technology powering Walmart’s drone delivery.

Space Things- Global Collaboration for the Future of Space Tech

Tiffani Neilson | CMO @ IoT Marketing

Scot Bryson | Founder @ Orbital Farm

Desmond  Wysenyuy | Analyst @ Thunderbird School

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation about why collaborative results for decision making are essential and data from all countries can foster innovation for life support systems, food supply, and environmental stability.

Looking Inward – Protecting the Data that IoT Generates, Now and in a Quantum Future

Rob Vanderberry

Regional Sales Manager | Thales

While ‘cyber security’ means many things in the world of information technology, and perhaps especially in discussion of the Internet of Things, there is an ever-growing need for organizations to shift their focus to (or at least include in their focus) their own sensitive data. WHAT that data is… WHERE it resides in the network and Clouds and where it travels outside of the network… and HOW to protect that data even if bad actors gain access to networks and systems, are the key discoveries companies must accomplish and address, to avoid the ravages of ransomware and data breaches. Join Thales Cloud Security’s Rob Vanderberry to explore these topics in an IoT world that faces new implications surrounding 5G and the coming Quantum Computing Age.

Making Money with IoT

Steve Brumer

Partner | BHIoT Group

Steve Brumer of BH-IoT group leads a 30-minute session on where the money is for IoT solutions and service providers, as well as the connectivity ecosystem.

The Generative Enterprise: AI Driven to the Core

Kieran Gilmurray

CEO | Digital Automation and Robotics Limited

Topics:• The significance of Generative AI• The impact on businesses - the Generative Enterprise Defined how this impacts organizational architectures.• the speed of impact, opportunities, and risks of generative AI for the enterprise• Provide examples to bring this to life - Embracing AI at the core can enable organizations to innovate, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences that illustrate use case and how disruptive GenAI will be.• How does / should a business respond?• AI Skills and Workforce Development• Ethical and Responsible AI• Generative AI and intelligent automation combined to create the super humanThe topic would bring the audience on a journey with an introduction to GenAI (assume most know this), what this really means (hype removed) and how businesses need to response. Businesses must to look at their operating architectures and become generative, intelligently automated, constantly reinventing organisms that use AI in every facet of what they do. They have to create new economic value for themselves, shareholders and their workers in this new world at far higher rates than before (40% more), otherwise, their competitors will become generative enterprises ahead of them and Digital Darwinism then applies.

Blockchain, IoT and AI: The Convergence of Emerging Technologies 

Syed Rehan

Sr Global IoT Cybersecurity Specialist | Amazon Web Services

Blockchain, IoT and AI are three technologies that have been disrupting various sectors and creating new opportunities for innovation and value creation. However, these technologies also face some challenges such as scalability, security, privacy, interoperability and trust. In this talk, we look at the convergence of blockchain, IoT and AI can address these challenges and enable new paradigms of smart and autonomous systems. We present some examples of how these technologies can work together to create machine transactions, digital twins, smart contracts and decentralized applications. We also discuss some ethical implications and future research directions for this convergence.

Unlocking the Value of Data

David Knight

CEO | Terbine

Join David Knight of Terbine for his 30-minute keynote on how to unlock the value of machine-generated data using artificial intelligence, working with companies and government agencies.