________________    empowers, transforms, and supports organizations with solutions through a channel of independent Technology Advisor Partners.

Abundant IoT is a provider of global technology services that focuses on transforming business ecosystems, offering the most complete IoT solutions in the technology sales channel with a focus on IoT, Energy, Connectivity, Mobility and Cloud services combined with devices (i.e., - sensors). Sensor-based solutions are augmented with LongFi and significant energy efficiency implementation, otherwise known as eIoT.

 With hundreds of partnerships, access to over 1000 sensors, and over 25 years of experience in the industry, Abundant IoT is a the leader in customizing the best emerging technology digital solutions for organizations through its channel of experts. Bundling custom solutions for the top industry verticals and targets, Abundant IoT provides solutions for underserved areas of the channel, enabling technology advisors to add new revenue streams and retain more customers.

As specialists in technology facility sourcing and integration, Abundant IoT also offers a holistic ecosystem, including decentralized storage which facilitates the emerging web 3 journey options for data center and, storage and other enterprise storage. With decentralized storage customers pay once regardless of the number of sites the data is replicated in and it can be located. Customers can also replicate the data anywhere in the world without headaches, unlike traditional storage products. Finally, blockchain audits the data rendering it immutable.

About the Vince Bradley

Abundant IoT brings it all together - connectivity, mobility and a big focus on Energy Services. While we absolutely embrace the equipment side of IoT we focus more on the network (connectivity, mobility, energy) side based on recurring revenue. Win ALL the business (connectivity, cloud, SaaS & Energy) that comes your way. We even have technology that can turn plastic into Electricity!

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