Zero Trust Security

Zero-Trust Security: What It Is and Why You Need It

The prevalence of distributed teams and the influx of IoT devices into organizational networks require continuous verification of all users and devices as they use applications and access data. A zero-trust access approach is necessary for network administrators to protect networks and applications. A robust access control technology is needed [...]

IoT in Construction

How IoT is Changing the Construction Industry

The construction industry has not stopped evolving for the past thirty years. Innovations are shaking up the building sector, which is increasingly open to the development of technological concepts such as connected objects and IoT (Internet of Things). These tools help improve the speed of construction, the efficiency of workers, [...]

IoT Sensors

How IoT Sensors Are Paving the Way Toward Smart Cities

Populations around the world keep growing in urban areas as a United Nations report projects that 68% of the population will reside in cities by 2050. To prepare for this growth, smart cities are emerging to make life more sustainable. At the core of this digital transformation are IoT sensors [...]

Smart Healthcare

Why Smart Cities Require Smart Healthcare

Smart cities are currently on the rise, thanks to technological advancements, networks, and devices. These advanced metropolises use sensors and electronic gadgets to collect information and provide better services to the people living in them. Though smart cities have many things to overcome, such as ensuring the security of the [...]

Artificial Intelligence of Things

Artificial Intelligence of Things: Edging Closer to Artificial Consciousness

The Artificial Intelligence of Things is the unification of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. AIoT promises fluid human and machine interactions, connected smart objects, and cutting-edge precision in all data analytics operations. Read on: Business Applications of IoT and Digital Twin Technology Enhanced AI and [...]

hotel chatbots

Here’s Why You Need Chatbots for Your Hotel Business

In the past, people had to use a travel agency to find a hotel, but the Internet has changed the way people search for things. Now, it’s easy to book directly from the hotel, but what happens when someone has questions or wants the feeling of talking to a person? [...]


The Rise of Micromobility in the Tourism and Transportation Industries

Get used to the word “micromobility” as you will likely be hearing it quite often in the years ahead. Tourist destinations and dense urban cities are using micromobilities to solve issues created by the seemingly endless number of automobiles on the roads. If everything works out as planned, micromobilities just might solve [...]

personalized travel with IoT

Personalized Travel: How IoT Is Changing the Flying and Hotel Experiences

The travel industry has proven quick to implement tech advances. In particular, smart travel is becoming popular. IoT is making travel customer-centric, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Companies that are going all-in on IoT solutions will reap the rewards in the short term and also in the years ahead. Related: How New Technology [...]

air travel innovations

What Does the Future Hold for the Aviation Industry?

As air travel innovations accelerate, what does the future hold for the aviation industry? IoT applications and other connected services have great potential in airline operations.  Maintenance Automation From the automation of maintenance and mobility services to IoT and cloud applications, digital transformation is taking hold in the airline industry. [...]

Iot Smart Hotel

Applications of IoT in the Hotel Industry

The increasingly omnipresent Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the major technological advancements for the hotel industry. Among the main benefits of adopting IoT is the enrichment of the customer experience and the optimization of operating expenses, two priority objectives for hoteliers.  What is IoT? It is the materialization [...]