Digital Transformation Innovator of the Year Award Winner 

Bill Pugh

 Smart Connections Consulting

Bill Pugh has over 25 years of experience in connectivity strategies, platform development and deployment of networking technologies for several private and public companies. Most recently over the past 6 years, working with cities on strategies for executing Connected Community and City initiatives around Street lights, Smart Parking, Intelligent Traffic and CyberSecurity..Bill is a known thought leader on the use of digital twin technologies and data fusion for the purpose of equitable service delivery, operational efficiency and digital transformation


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Catch Bill Pugh on "Living on the Edge" webinar airing March 31st at 11:00 AM Pacific Time as industry experts discuss edge & cloud computing applications with the IoT ecosystem.



Selecting the right solution is paramount and not all lighting solutions are created equal.  Smart Connections Consulting helps match technology to the overall vision by ensuring the city has selected the most flexible, scalable option available with appropriate metrics in place to deliver additional value over time.

Traffic Monitoring and Improvement

This is one of the biggest issues within the majority of the cities that we work with.  Smart Connections Consulting works with cities to identify the appropriate metrics to monitor improvement and implements data centric solutions to improve the flow of traffic.


This is probably one of the most important parts of any city solution.  Leveraging the city assets and aligning the solution appropriate wired/wireless technology is where the promise of supporting new applications over time is founded.


Making sure that no citizen is left behind is one of Smart Connections areas of engagement and we are dedicated to helping the city realize reduction in the digital divide.


  • Strategy

  • Network

  • Partner Ecosystem

  • Open Data


Full Strategic guidance on specific initiatives

  • Solution Validation
  • Technical Guidance
  • Operational Strategy
  • Security guidance 

Digital Transformation Innovator of the Year Award Winner

Bill Pugh

IoT has made digital transformation more accessible for a lot of businesses in a variety of industries, enabling them to take advantage of the many benefits that technology has to offer. The Digital Transformation Innovator of the Year award recognizes either an individual or a company that has demonstrated innovation in solutions, services or projects for digital transformation

Webinar Appearances

Building Smart with IoT

Digital Transformation is changing everything, including the way we build. When it comes to planning and designing new buildings and cities, incorporating advanced technologies to ensure energy efficiency and long term sustainability is becoming a necessity. Whether building a smart city from scratch or rehabbing existing structures with connected solutions, data-centric innovation is being placed top of mind. As developers and construction teams lay the framework for new buildings and infrastructure, connectivity and data collection will be as important as blueprints and safety. Researchers and Technology evangelists expect building and infrastructure data to be of significant value, giving us greater control of our digital future.

Simple IoT for Smart Cities

Smart homes have paved the way for the smart cities of tomorrow. From smart lighting to traffic control, to waste management and public safety surveillance, our cities are in the midst of a technological evolution that will change the way we travel, work, and live. 

Going Green with IoT

To coincide with Earth Day IoT Marketing produced a sustainability and efficiency focused webinar called “Going Green with IoT.” While the term “green” has become a marketing buzzword, the team at Industry Insights Webinars brought together a solid panel of technology experts to flex their industry knowledge and take a deep dive into what it really means to bring sustainability to the digital domain. Even more than monitoring and mitigating the green house gas (GHG) output of multiple industries, green IoT and green computing practices has the potential help reduce the carbon footprint of IoT itself on the environment.

2022 Emerging Trends Edition

Technology is evolving at an alarming rate. The advent of Industry 4.0 paired with the Covid-19 pandemic is changing our lives in unthinkable ways. Businesses of all sizes were disrupted by the Coronavirus, forcing them to rethink their operations and digital strategy.The global health crisis exposed the need for modernization, thus accelerating digital transformation and the adoption of advanced technologies across most industries. What emerging trends will 2022 bring as the world continues to adjust?


High Tech Homes

As personalization, customization and efficiency increase in importance, smart homes are becoming more high-tech with intelligent features that are like science fiction. Join us for the webinar to learn how to choose the right home automation technology and discover the latest new trends for smart homes and home automation.

2nd Annual Industry Insights IoT Awards

Each year IoT Marketing and Industry Insights Webinars host a live virtual event to honor IoT ecosystem professionals and connected solution providers. Hosted by Tiffani Neilson and Steve Brumer


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