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Call for Guest Blogs

With Industry Insights Webinars, IoT Marketing sought to create a virtual community of industry professionals willing to share their advice and strategies for staying flexible and adaptable during these unprecedented times.

So far, we’ve covered manufacturing, telecom, the power industry, and healthcare. Our upcoming webinars will focus on smart cities, we will provide a Solution Spotlight webinar in December and we'll start 2021 with a Retail webinar.

Our series has garnered an average of more than 1,200 sign-ups and 100 live viewers who stay for over 50 minutes.

With the amount of success that Industry Insights Webinars has seen, we are now launching a guest blog alongside the series and inviting IoT and technology professionals to share their expertise through written content.

What we are looking for:

Our blog focuses on topics surrounding IoT, high technology, and the industries that utilize these innovations—from manufacturing, healthcare, and energy to retail, logistics, and data security.

We center on high-quality posts that offer a unique perspective on trending topics and industry insights not found anywhere else. We aim to provide practical advice aimed at helping businesses effectively transform their organizations using the latest technologies.

Some topic ideas to consider include:

  • Connected health technologies being utilized by smart hospitals
  • The pros and cons of telecom
  • Tips for getting your company ready for digital transformation
  • What you need to know about IoT in e-commerce
  • Why now is the time for cities to pursue digital transformation

And to give you some ideas of what we publish, you can find a few of our blog posts below.

You are also welcome to pitch a selection of topics to us in advance of writing. Simply email your ideas at

Click here for rules, guidelines, and more details

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