Bricks-and-Clicks, Retail

Omnichannel Retailing: Why Retailers Need to Transition to the Bricks-And-Clicks Business Model

A new retail model has emerged based on a hybrid of physical and digital sales known as "bricks-and-clicks". This concept has helped diminish market perceptions that the era of the brick-and-mortar store is over. The booming popularity of online shopping has been so disruptive that traditional retailers have decided to [...]

Retail, Small - Format Stores

How Retailers Are Exploring the Benefits of Small-Format Stores

Despite the closing of malls and widespread business downsizing, the brighter side of the retail industry is streamlining toward more economical models, such as small-format stores. These days, one of the top challenges for all retailers is to minimize costs while maximizing customer experience. One of the more effective ways [...]

5G in Retail, Retail

Significant Ways 5G Technology Will Transform Retail

Traditional physical stores are increasingly adapting to build more modernized environments. During the pandemic, digital transformation in retail has accelerated, meaning the industry is changing at a rapid pace.In order to survive this evolving landscape, retailers, and particularly brick-and-mortar businesses, must transform to survive. Here's a look at what 5G [...]

Retail, Retail Trends

Retail Trends Disrupting Mini-Stores and Pop-Up Shops

Market disruption can come from retailers big or small and might even lead to retail trends that change the industry.  Mini-stores and pop-up shops are examples of disruption from creative and innovative small businesses. Here are ways mini-store and pop-up shops utilizing mobile technology challenge the traditional perception that more [...]

Retail, Smart Retail

Introducing the Smart Retail Revolution into Smart Cities

Smart technology has gained plenty of attention in recent years, paving the way for retailers to upgrade the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Local governments are adopting smart city concepts for new digital infrastructures while retailers have quietly embraced IoT sensors that monitor the customer journey. Here are ways smart retailing inspired [...]


Smart Retail and Consumer Demand Drive Conversion in 2021

Over just a few months in 2020, consumers accelerated the retail technology vertical by several years. Remote work and contactless living massively disrupted buying habits and inventory demands as retailers scrambled to accommodate the explosion of online orders. It's been a steep learning curve, but consumers have quickly adapted to [...]

Augmented Shopping, Retail

How AR Shopping Improves Customer Experience

Retailers are now embracing augmented shopping to bring customers a more enhanced and futuristic journey. New technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are building a competitive edge over stores that ignore this digital transformation. Here are ways this unstoppable revolution is impacting the retail industry.Creating Smart Shopping [...]

Retail, Retail POS System

Painless Checkouts: The Rise of the Retail POS System

The evolution of the retail POS system has accelerated in recent years to make physical checkout a frictionless experience. Retailers know that long checkout lines can lead to lost customers, so they are steadily embracing more mobile-oriented point-of-sale technology that cuts down on customer wait time.How a Mobile POS System [...]