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What would the commercialization of drones look like at scale? What barriers prevent mass adoption for drones? Watch the recording from “Connected Skies” to hear about drone laws, connected drones, drone delivery, and how drones are leveraging the power of mobile and satellite connectivity. Industry Insights Webinars is pleased to bring another international panel of experts, with speakers spanning the globe from the US, UK, Netherlands, and Singapore.

Highlights Include:

  • The state of the drone industry and areas for growth
  • The pivotal role of mobile for Remote ID
  • Industries using drones and satcom with examples
  • Satellite IoT and new opportunities surrounding the commercialization of space 

Tiffani Neilson hosted the webinar, kicking things off with CEO and Founder of IoT Marketing, Johannes Beekman, with recent news for drones and satcom.

Barbara Pareglio of the GSMA shared her perspectives on the future of drones, with key insights on mobile-enabled drones, 5G, edge computing, and digital twins.

Chris Gray of Myriota highlighted the recent launch of 3 new satellites launched with Space X, utilizing Myriota services. As well as an exclusive offer for our viewers here.

Kenji Sugahara of AirSential is a drone law expert who explained regulations for drones and then differences between consumer and commercial applications.

Ali Jahanshahi of Airgo shared how drones can be used to improve logistics and last-mile delivery.

Hub Urlings of M2Sat explored satellite IoT and how this technology works

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