Five Best Practices for a Future-Proofed Supply Chain Strategy

Manufacturers continue to struggle with ongoing supply chain disruptions. Many are getting ahead by implementing strategies and technologies to gain greater visibility and control. Here are five best practices for a future-proofed supply chain that strikes the right balance between cost, inventory levels, and risk.

Download the article “5 Best Practices for a Future-Proofed Supply Chain Strategy” to learn steps you can implement immediately to regain control of your supply chain strategy.

Put this five-step plan into action to address supply chain problems while laying the foundation for a balanced, effective supply chain strategy going forward. The recommendations include both tactical and strategic approaches for optimizing your supply chain from end to end. You’ll learn how to proactively:

  1. Put boots on the ground at key suppliers to identify and resolve supplier issues and negotiate the most favorable terms.
  2. Begin searching for alternative suppliers to help de-risk your supply chain and bake in more resiliency.
  3. Examine “packets of work” and identify opportunities for in-sourcing while preparing your business to handle the increased workload.
  4. Put a dollar value on risk and make it part of a three-pronged supply chain strategy that balances cost, inventory, and risk.
  5.  Leverage data analytics and visualization technology to identify sudden shifts in customer trends for production guidance.

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