Green IoT Contests for Sustainability & Efficiency

Thursday April 29, 2021

Our objective is to bring together business owners and industry leaders in agriculture, energy and ecology with professionals in the IoT ecosystem to discuss a path forward for using technology to create a cleaner, greener, future.

Going Green with IoT Contests

Most Sustainable IoT Solution 2021

The award for “Most Sustainable IoT Solution” is given to a business or individual who has developed an IoT product or service geared to achieve greener, cleaner, long term solutions for the earth.

Areas with solutions for consideration:

  • Agriculture
  • Ecology
  • Food Supply
  • Environmental
  • Toxin Monitoring (food, air, water, etc.)
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Smart Farming
  • Protect Natural Resources
  • Waste management



From collection and distribution to reuse and return to nature, their highly efficient water technologies, industrial pumps and application solutions not only use less energy and reduce life-cycle costs, but also promote sustainability.

Ship Shape Urban Farms

Connected Container Garden - "Digital Farmer" app is UX for monitoring conditions inside an upcycled container outfitted with a 3.4 acre hydroponic farm.


Easy to install smart farming solution to track, monitor, automate and analyze operations efficiently in real-time.

Most Efficient IoT Solution 2021

The honor of “Most Efficient IoT Solution 2021” will go to an IoT product or service that enables operational efficiency and improved energy consumption. The award winners will be invited to accept the honor live on Industry Insights Webinars April virtual event.

Areas with solutions for consideration:

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Optimize resources
  • Green computing
  • Syncs data between multiple devices and platforms
  • Recycling
  • Reduces waste
  • Energy Storage


blue planet energy

Renewable energy storage solution to reduce or eliminate dependence on local utility grids.


Product will make it easy for IoT and consumer product designers and manufacturers to create remote controls, keyboards and beacons/sensors that have ‘forever battery’ life or are completely battery free.

Ragno Electronics

Ragno is an end-to-end smart energy solution designed to optimize consumption for smart homes, smart grids and smart agriculture. Applications include air, water and solar radiation monitoring.

We invite you to Join us Thursday April 29 as Industry Insights Webinars presents, “Going Green with IoT.” Our panel of thought leaders, experts and solution providers will share the benefits that can be harnessed through green IoT technology, industry-specific barriers preventing IoT adoption, best practices for eco-friendly IoT deployments and tips for how to include energy efficiency in your digital strategy. Receive a free copy of our information packed slide deck when you attend the webinar live. We will also announce the winners of our “Sustainability & Efficiency” contests. Submit your nomination for the most sustainable and most efficient IoT solutions now through April 28th. More information on the contests and registration to attend the webinar are available at

Winners are awarded video, PR, and social media packages provided by IoT Marketing. Additionally, winning teams get a free IoT and cloud consulting package from SourceLogix, an Amazon AWS partner. This includes architecture sessions, promotional credits to run systems on AWS, and training. For qualifying businesses, some restrictions apply.

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