About IoT Awards

Within just a few years, IoT has gone from pure hype to mainstream consumer, business, industrial, and government use. In fact, it represents a key part of the digital transformation that we are seeing across virtually every industry.


In the highly competitive field of IoT, it’s essential for connected technology products or service providers to stand out in this crowded market.


To give yourself the opportunity to become the signal among all the noise, submit a nomination for the 2023 Industry Insights IoT Awards.


With 10 unique awards that identify leaders, entrepreneurs, and brands across the IoT space, the Industry Insights IoT Awards are designed to shine a spotlight on the unique strengths, achievements, and efforts of companies and their team members.

On 12. Dec. 2024

2024 Industry Insights IoT Awards

Nominations Open

Past Ceremonies

2020 IoT Awards

july 14, 2022

2022 IoT Awards

july 14, 2022

2021 IoT Awards

august 03, 2022

2023 IoT Awards

august 03, 2022

Live events

World Building Workshop

On 31. Aug. 2022

Writing Believable Characters

On 02. Sept. 2022

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