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Telecom Predictions for the Future of 5G

IoT Marketing’s new webinar series, “Industry Insights” returns with a focus on 5G for the telecom industry. Register to attend our “Telecom Predictions for the Future of 5G” webinar on Thursday July 23rd, to find out the promise of 5G, the challenges facing 5G’s rollout, potential use cases for 5G, and what industry experts predict for the future of 5G and what we can expect next.

Discussion Points

  • The potential of 5G networks to create new revenue streams and services
  • The use cases 5G is intended for
  • Challenges facing the deployment of 5G networks including how the coronavirus will affect its rollout
  • Telecom trends and predictions for the future of 5G and beyond

Event Details

Date: Thursday July 23, 2020

Time: 11am – 12pm CT

Sean Cook

Group Purchasing Resources

Tiffani Neilson


The entire telecom ecosystem is preparing for the launch of 5G, from the mobile operators deploying the ultra-fast low-latency networks to the IoT businesses, telecommunication services, and standard committees that also play vital roles in its rollout.

The term “5G” refers to the fifth-generation standard for cellular networks that will ultimately replace 4G cellular networks. The promise of 5G includes 100x faster capacity than 4G, enabling connectivity for a higher density of devices that require ultra-low latency and high data throughput.

In response to COVID-19, many industries have had to accelerate their digital transformation plans for adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that allow products and services to be delivered remotely on a large scale. 5G technology is best suited for business cases that deal with health monitoring, public safety, and other time-sensitive remote operations. It also enables applications around industrial equipment and autonomous vehicles which require precise controls and dynamic responses.

Even though 5G has not reached full deployment, telecom operators are in a position to create new products and services around current low power wide area (LPWA) IoT networks that can be upgraded once 5G becomes available.

Will telecom meet the demands of the future with innovative and adaptable technology coupled with cost structures that allow them to stay competitive?

Join us to discuss these topics and more as we dive into current practices, and predictions for telecom in a 5G enabled future.

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Whether it's joining with an ecosystem partner to reach a broader audience or identifying new digital service offerings, this webinar will dive into discussions around current challenges in the manufacturing industry, what's working for companies now, and what new trends are taking shape on the horizon.

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Telecom Predictions for the Future of 5G
Date: Thursday July 23, 2020
Time: 11am – 12pm CT

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