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Nurture IoT Business Leads by Strengthening Human Relationships

05 Feb

Nurture IoT Business Leads by Strengthening Human Relationships

IoT business

The entire world is jumping on board with the Internet of Things (IoT) business applications, so it’s vital that CEOs and CTOs of these enterprises help their customers face the challenges of this digital revolution. By emphasizing the impact of how connecting to everything and everyone— no matter where they’re

16 Jan

Featured Smart Office Technologies at CES 2019

smart office

With CES wrapping up its four-day run, consumers have seen some amazing products from self-driving cars to robot dogs, to a TV with a roll-up display. However, CES wasn’t all about consumers, as tech companies brought some of their new gadgets to the office, presenting smart office technologies. Office of

14 Jan

CES 2019 Highlights 5G and IoT Technology

iot technolgy, iot devices

Coined the 4th industrial revolution, 5G has received much hype at the CES show last week as it opens new opportunities for IoT devices. Many believe 5G will enable IoT technology to reach its full capabilities and ensure that IoT devices become part of our everyday lives. Knowing 5G So,

11 Jan

Telematics System Empowers Vehicle Technology Innovations at the CES Show

telematics system

With the coming of the new year, consumers turn their eyes to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for the latest in technology innovations. This year, telematics system is one of the technologies front and center. In the marketplace, telematics applies to a broad range of applications in

04 Jan

How Telematics and IoT Devices are Driving Digital Change in the Transportation Industry

IoT devices

What is telematics? Telematics – a portmanteau of telecommunications and informatics – refers to the use of telecommunications to transfer information. Telematics is an interdisciplinary technology field that provides the infrastructure backbone for IoT devices to transmit data. In this article, we will use the conventional definition: we mean vehicle

03 Jan

Introducing a Telematics System to Improve Business Operations

telematics system, telematics solution

A telematics system combines telecommunications with automotive technology as a way to monitor data about the machine. GPS is an example of telematics, as it can identify specific vehicle locations and operate as a navigation tool. Here are ways that telematics can be useful for your business: Vehicle Measurements There

26 Nov

Smart Agriculture: The Next Agricultural Revolution

smart agriculture

The world’s appetite is growing rapidly. To feed nine billion people in 2050, the world will need to produce 70 percent more food than it did in 2006. Farming methods have always evolved with the increasing demand for agricultural products. From simple, handheld farm tools from before the Industrial Revolution,

24 Oct

Understanding the Internet of Things: What are IoT Solutions?

IoT solutions

When we talk about the Internet of Things, or IoT solutions, we are referring to the billions of devices and sensors around the world that are connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Thanks to cheap processors, smart gateways, and wireless— and wired— networks, it’s possible to turn anything,

03 Oct

How Healthcare AR is Dramatically Improving the Human Experience

healthcare AR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are quickly reaching a mainstream tipping point. These technologies are spreading to classrooms, gyms and healthcare facilities across the globe. Healthcare AR is new, yet it is providing all sorts of benefits for consumers as well as healthcare providers. As an example, this

02 Oct

A Look at How Healthcare Technology is Dramatically Altering the Healthcare Industry

healthcare technology

Video game nerds and computer geeks are not the only ones who are wholeheartedly embracing technology anymore. Nowadays, those who work in medicine and patient care are going all in on healthcare technology. A slew of recently developed technologies is fundamentally altering the way patient care is provided. Better Care


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