Reasons Why Blog Marketing Is Essential for Your Business

March 10

Blogging has come a long way across the past couple of decades. Blogs are no longer an outlet for people to observe, vent, and review products/services. Blog marketing is a critically important tool that connects businesses to the masses. Let's take a look at some specific benefits of blogging:

Blogging Generates the Leads Your Business Needs

Regular blogging is essential to capturing the attention of target customers. A steady stream of content leads to more form submissions, phone calls, e-mail opt-ins, and other points of contact that ultimately lead to conversions and sales.

Blogging for the Generation of Inbound Links

One of the best ways to boost SEO through blog marketing is to include meaningful inbound links on your website. A website without a blog will have a hard time bringing in authoritative links. The addition of new content is a somewhat hidden resource for fellow bloggers and media outlets. As time progresses, blog content builds such inbound inks as others reference the content on sites across the web. These links are vital for SEO purposes. They also boost referral traffic to your site to boot.

Blogging Encourages Important Discussion

Blogging shouldn’t be viewed as a monologue. It’s actually a platform for dialogue. Scroll down to the bottom of your favorite blogs, and you’ll likely find a space for comments. Blogs also inspire readers to reach out to the host for more information, services, and products. Think of your blog as the catalyst for valuable discussions that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage others by asking questions and gleaning important insights into prospects' needs and desires.

Blog Marketing for “Freshness” 

Google's search engine algorithms favor websites that post a steady stream of blog content. This is the “fresh” content your site needs to connect with prospective customers. Furthermore, fresh content is likely to be related to current events, generating exposure through trending searches. The regular addition of content also means additional opportunities to implement internal links that create pathways for search engine crawlers. These crawlers spread PageRank across your website, ultimately helping you connect with those who are in search of your services.

Let the Experts Handle Your Inbound Marketing

At IoT Marketing, we have inbound marketing down to a science. From blogging to SEO and beyond, our team knows exactly how to bridge the gap between your business and customers. This is the blog marketing you need to build your brand and secure customers for the long haul. Contact us today to learn more.

Johannes Beekman

About the author

Our CEO has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing in the high-tech industry. Johannes has worked for 25 years in the semiconductor industry, where he worked for Philips, Infineon, and Sematech in various management positions in process development, engineering, operations, and sales and marketing. While working for Philips, he was an engineering manager in 2 wafer fab startups. And while at Sematech, he managed various international technical symposia. He has built 3 successful digital marketing companies in the past 8 years. His focus is marketing integration, marketing technology, SEO, and inbound and outbound marketing. And he has developed a content creation system that uses the AIDA model to develop content for every stage of the sales funnel. Johannes has experience working with companies in manufacturing, the high-tech industry, process industry, IT, healthcare, and legal industry, and he has published on several trade-focused websites.


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