Summit of Things 2023 Agenda

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Wednesday, October 25th

Summit of Things Opening Session

10:00-10:30 | Main Stage

Tiffani Neilson & Johannes Beekman | IoT Marketing


Leveraging Data For Digital Transformation Success

10:30-11:00 | Main Stage

Carol Mitchell-Lin | Fuse Data & Angela Thurman | Thurman Co.


IoT 101

11:00-11:30 | Main Stage

Chris Whitaker
VP of Advanced Solutions, IoT and Wireless | Telarus

Explore the fundamentals of IoT with Chris Whitaker of Telarus, as he shares an insightful introduction to the internet of things.


Making Money with IoT

11:30-12:00 | Main Stage

Steve Brumer

Partner  | BHIoT Group

Steve Brumer of BH-IoT group leads a 30-minute session on where the money is for IoT solutions and service providers, as well as the connectivity ecosystem.


Propelling Business Growth through Secure IoT Implementations

12:00-12:30 | Main Stage

Jimmy Jones

Head of Security | Zariot 

Jimmy’s experience in telecoms spans over twenty years in which time he has built a thorough understanding of the industry working in diverse roles but all building from early engineering positions within major operators, such as WorldCom (now Verizon), and vendors including Nortel, Genband & Positive Technologies.


Looking Inward – Protecting the Data that IoT Generates, Now and in a Quantum Future

12:30-01:00 | Main Stage

Rob Vanderberry

Regional Sales Manager, Southeast - Data Protection | Thales

While ‘cyber security’ means many things in the world of information technology, and perhaps especially in discussion of the Internet of Things, there is an ever-growing need for organizations to shift their focus to (or at least include in their focus) their own sensitive data. WHAT that data is… WHERE it resides in the network and Clouds and where it travels outside of the network… and HOW to protect that data even if bad actors gain access to networks and systems, are the key discoveries companies must accomplish and address, to avoid the ravages of ransomware and data breaches. Join Thales Cloud Security’s Rob Vanderberry to explore these topics in an IoT world that faces new implications surrounding 5G and the coming Quantum Computing Age.


How to Build a Data-Driven Strategy Keynote by Dr. Joe Perez

01:00-01:30 | Main Stage

Dr. Joe Perez

CTO  | North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services

Creating a data-driven strategy for IoT initiatives is key to making a connected solution successful. Join Dr. Joe Perez for a powerful session on what to keep in mind to get the most from your data.


Change Management Keynote

01:30-02:00 | Main Stage

Rajesh Lele

General Manager - Process Operations  | Tata Motors

Transitioning to a digital future will require a great deal of change from evolving employee directives to data management. Join Rajesh Lele, an independent HR consultant from India, to hear the best practices for approaching change management.