The Internet of Things is reaching mass adoption as the number of industries using IoT rapidly expands. From smart buildings to smart cities, the Internet is connecting us all in new ways. Explore the state of IoT and how it is used with other advanced technologies at the Summit of Things Reloaded.

This event is on-demand event featuring 12+ hours of content, with a combination of panel discussions, keynotes, training sessions, and more.

Attendees can visit multiple stages, networking areas, and even explore a virtual expo hall, all on a unique experience-driven platform.

What’s great is that those with tickets can access the content broadcast during the summit even after the event ends, for up to 30 days.

Immersive Experience & Engaging Content

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Discussion topics include

  • IoT for Smart Manufacturing
  • IoT security and potential threats
  • Applications for IoT
  • How IoT is used with blockchain
  • Digital twins and extended reality
  • Unlocking the Value of Data
  • Creating a Data-Driven Strategy
  • How to make money with IoT
  • Drone delivery and supply chains
  • The relationship between Blockchain and IoT

Who should attend

  • Telecom and Technology Ecosystem
  • Engineers and Technologists
  • IoT Adopters
  • Industry Professionals
  • Students, Educators, Professors
  • Anyone interested in: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT, Manufacturing, Energy, Smart Homes, Extended Reality, Data Management
  • Benefits of attending

  • Discover new opportunities for IoT
  • Obtain insights across multiple industries
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Expand your network
  • Host 1-to-1 meetings
  • Download valuable materials
  • Plan your sessions in advance
  • Participate in training sessions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of IoT
  • Hear from international speakers
  • Visit our virtual expo hall
  • Attend keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats

    Industry Insights Webinars has become synonymous with high quality panel discussions featuring top tier thought leaders & respected brands in the industry. This summit boasts three panels that stay true to our reputation.






    Join Jeff Winter of Microsoft, Carl Ford of James Brehm & Associates, and Robert Hamblet of Teal Communications for the Summit of Things Reloaded opening panel discussion, moderated by Tiffani Neilson of IoT Marketing. This hour-long discussion will highlight how IoT has evolved, the biggest challenges for IoT, and the technologies used to enable new applications and opportunities for IoT.




    The Wireless Way


    The Future of IoT panel discussion is the closing session of the Summit of Things live virtual event with speakers such as David Knight of Terbine and Rob Tiffany of the Digital Insights podcast, moderated by Tiffani Neilson of IoT Marketing. 





    Learn about smart manufacturing and how advanced technologies such as IoT are used to optimize operations in an hour long panel discussion with Jeff Winter of Microsoft and Ira Sharp of Phoenix Contact, moderated by Tiffani Neilson.


    Candid & personal conversations with industry experts & our team on some of the latest trends effecting the IoT ecosystem.

    “Powering Walmart’s Drone Delivery”

    with Precia Carraway of Walmart 



    Join Precia Carraway of Walmart in a fireside chat hosted by Tiffani Neilson as they discuss the technology powering Walmart’s drone delivery. 

    Why Marketing IoT Companies is Challenging



    Marketing a tech or IoT business requires deep industry knowledge and proven strategies that deliver measurable ROI. Hear from Johannes Beekman of IoT Marketing and Joseph F. McElroy of Galileo Tech on the challenges for marketing IoT businesses and how to overcome them. 

    Space Policy for Global Digital Transformation



    For all you space enthusiasts, we have an exciting and informative fireside chat with Desmond Fonyuy Wysenyuy on Space Policy for Global Digital Transformation. Desmond will share his views on IoT in space and why space policy is necessary for global digital transformation.


    Summit of Things sponsored sessions series cover the hottest & emerging trends shaping the IoT landscape with focus on security, energy & connectivity. 

    Looking Inward – Protecting the Data that IoT Generates, Now and in a Quantum Future Keynote by Rob Vanderberry of Thales

    While ‘cyber security’ means many things in the world of information technology, and perhaps especially in discussion of the Internet of Things, there is an ever-growing need for organizations to shift their focus to (or at least include in their focus) their own sensitive data.  WHAT that data is… WHERE it resides in the network and Clouds and where it travels outside of the network… and HOW to protect that data even if bad actors gain access to networks and systems, are the key discoveries companies must accomplish and address, to avoid the ravages of ransomware and data breaches.  Join Thales Cloud Security’s Rob Vanderberry to explore these topics in an IoT world that faces new implications surrounding 5G and the coming Quantum Computing Age.

    eIoT Solutions: include red hot energy market and blockchain as part of your IoT solution by Vince Bradley of Abundant IoT

    With ESG already creating a need for the customer energy journey coupled with over 100 billion in incentives from the inflation reduction act, there could not be a better time to be looking at energy services  and decentralized storage/blockchain as part of the IoT solution.

    How IIoT is changing cybersecurity as we know it and how IEC62443 can aid secure adoption and implementation by Andres Suazo of Phoenix Contact

    Analysts have long predicted that Internet of Things (IoT) technology will become a fundamental element for any business transformation. IoT’s disruptive impact will have a profound influence on all sectors, especially industrial IoT (IIoT). However, an imminent mass adoption and deployment of IIoT devices (along with their corresponding software, services, and platforms) in Smart Manufacturing creates cybersecurity challenges that OT engineers and IT departments might not be ready to face.

    IIoT blurs the boundaries of the physical and digital worlds. These devices will become the fundamental basis of data communications, exponentially multiplying the number of cybersecurity risks and increasing the scope of vulnerabilities for manufacturing facilities.

    Speed Up or Die Keynote by Brandon Satrom of Blues Wireless

    The IoT is in purgatory, stuck between its promise and potential. Hear why he feels we’re moving too slow, and if we’re ever going to cross the chasm into the world of a trillion devices, we must speed up.


    Get the latest tips, trends & how to's from industry experts. With over a dozen of in depth educational sessions.

    Making Money with IoT Keynote from Steve Brumer 

    Steve Brumer of BH-IoT group leads a 30-minute session on where the money is for IoT solutions and service providers, as well as the connectivity ecosystem. 

    Modern IoT Hardware Training Session by Kirsch Mackey from HaSofu

    With an increasing number of hardware and components used for IoT, Kirsch Mackey from HaSofu will explore modern IoT hardware in this 30-minute training session. 

    Unlocking the Value of Data keynote by David Knight of Terbine

    Join David Knight of Terbine for his 30-minute keynote on how to unlock the value of machine-generated data using artificial intelligence, working with companies and government agencies. 

    The Building Blocks of Blockchain training session by James Rupe of CardanoMint 

    Join James Rupe of CardanoMint for a 30-minute learning session on the basics of blockchain and how it is used. 

    Change Management Keynote by Rajesh Lele

    Transitioning to a digital future will require a great deal of change from evolving employee directives to data management. Join Rajesh Lele, an independent HR consultant from India, to hear the best practices for approaching change management.

    Blockchain Things Keynote by Raj Kapoor of India Blockchain Alliance

    Join Raj Kapoor, Founder of India Blockchain Alliance, for the “Blockchain Things” keynote during the Summit of Things, to learn how IoT and blockchain are used together and where the combination of these technologies is headed. 

    IoT 101 with Chris Whitaker of Telarus

    Explore the fundamentals of IoT with Chris Whitaker of Telarus, as he shares an insightful introduction to the internet of things. 

    Understanding the Business of Extended Reality with Chris Farr

    Join Chris Farr of Analog XR for a training session on how Extended Reality (AR/VR) can be used to scale systems and create new opportunities.

    How to Build a Data-Driven Strategy Keynote by Dr. Joe Perez

    Creating a data-driven strategy for IoT initiatives is key to making a connected solution successful. Join Dr. Joe Perez for a powerful session on what to keep in mind to get the most from your data.

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