Medical IoT

Medical IoT is Beneficial to Healthcare, But Requires Security Solutions

Medical IoT can help more than just patients. Imagine if you’re in a waiting room and it’s been several hours since a loved one went into surgery. Now unbeknownst to you, the individual had a successful surgery and is in a recuperation room sleeping off the medication. You would have been [...]

Manufacturing IoT

Building Tomorrow: Manufacturing IoT

The manufacturing industry has always led the charge in innovations. Automation and efficiency have shaped these means of production practically since the advent of modern mass production. The assembly line proved to be the single biggest game changer for production in humanity’s history. Evolutions in technology can change the game [...]

IoT Technology

How IoT Technology is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Diverse Applications IoT technology can do a lot more than many realize. Construction is one of many industries that stand to benefit substantially. Seven considerable applications of the Internet of Things pertaining to construction will be explored in this writing: Facilitation of remote operations Optimized supply replenishment Tool and equipment tracking Servicing [...]

Healthcare IoT

Properly Managed Healthcare IoT Cuts Costs and Increases Profitability

Considerations Healthcare IoT is an integral part of the modern medical climate. There are several ways in which the Internet of Things is known to expedite infrastructural operations among medical practices. These include: Real-time patient data and patient monitoring Improved healthcare through connected options Operational cost reduction Increased medical services delivery [...]

IoT Security

IoT Security is Paramount to Providing Effective Healthcare Services

The Possibilities IoT security is absolutely important for any serious healthcare institution. Why? Because the technology of the Internet of Things is too medically helpful to be ignored. Trends surrounding this innovation will only continue to increase as time passes. This means patients will enjoy better procedures and other tangential advantages, [...]

Agriculture IoT

Tomorrow’s Farm: Agriculture IoT

Over the last two centuries, the nature of agriculture has changed drastically. Humanity has gone from small, subsistence farms to sprawling, industrial compounds. This evolution has made providing crops to meet the world’s demands far more efficient. A new wave of agricultural evolution is at hand. With agriculture IoT, farms [...]

Retail IoT

Reasons Why Your Clients Should Consider Retail IoT

Despite all the talk about the Internet of Things becoming the future of tech, retail IoT is still a distant concept for many businesses. Part of the hesitation has something to do with managers not knowing what to do with volumes of new data that no one had to worry about [...]

IoT Devices

IoT Devices Will Change the Face of Our Future

IoT devices have totally re-engineered what it means to access the Internet. They are taking the abstractness out of computer interaction and replacing it with day-to-day relevancy. Before, the Internet was almost static that it existed solely within computers and required some level of acumen to use. But now, the ‘net [...]

Healthcare IoT

Positive Benefits of Healthcare IoT

Healthcare IoT is at the eye of a medical “Catch-22.” Because technological developments benefit medicine and the Internet of Things is central to such benefits, technology in medicine is expanding. But as IoT devices multiply, so do varying weaknesses which can allow hackers to exploit a given clinic. It’s hard enough to [...]