3D Printed Sensors

How 3D-Printed Sensors Help Advance Space Communications

The age of 3D-printed sensors has brought the world to a stage of meaningful integration with satellite communications. New 3D-printed plasma sensors are being used to measure atmospheric conditions for orbiting satellites. Here’s a look at where this exciting space technology is going and how it will help businesses on [...]

Satellite IoT

How Commercialization of Satellite IoT is Creating Market Opportunities

Satellite communications (SATCOM) has existed for decades in space, but now it enters a new phase of satellite IoT. bet365.com The use of sensors in space to monitor activities on Earth is building a new economy. Here are ways IoT SATCOM is opening up new markets for adventurous enterprises. Mixing [...]

Satellite Technologies

How Enterprises are Evolving with Satellite Technologies

The development of satellite technologies is gaining momentum with help from private investors, as many industrial companies see its revenue opportunities. Counting cars in retail store parking lots from space, for example, provides a competitive edge for investors who evaluate consumer trends. موقع رهان كرة القدم Here are some of [...]

Satellite Internet

Is Satellite Internet Right for Your Organization?

There are multiple ways to access the internet, such as through cable, DSL and satellite. One of the reasons some people choose satellite internet is because of its omnipresent availability. But it also has its technical issues that sometimes are as spotty as nineties dial-up internet. Here’s a look at [...]