personalized travel with IoT

Personalized Travel: How IoT Is Changing the Flying and Hotel Experiences

The travel industry has proven quick to implement tech advances. In particular, smart travel is becoming popular. IoT is making travel customer-centric, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Companies that are going all-in on IoT solutions will reap the rewards in the short term and also in the years ahead. Related: How New Technology [...]

Tourism 4.0

Designing a Tourism 4.0 Ecosystem for the Future

Countless tourism businesses quickly transformed during the pandemic shutdown to go more digital so they could be prepared to offer a more modern experience known as Tourism 4.0. Travel and lodging entities were financially challenged due to the shutdowns, but investing in new technology with greater social awareness is helping [...]

Travel Industry Innovations

Travel Industry Embraces Tech Innovations Amidst the Pandemic

While the pandemic just happened like a nightmare, many were able to get through it and saw it as an opportunity. As a matter of fact, despite a global health crisis, studies show that there is a surge in new businesses. Economic uncertainty led to a sudden shift in perspective [...]