Cold Chain Management

Enhancing Vaccine Delivery Through Effective Cold Chain Management

Modern developments in cold chain management for supply chains involve sensors to measure temperatures to gauge the quality of perishable goods. This strategy has become essential in the transport of COVID-19 vaccines. Maintaining appropriate temperature levels is at the heart of this management process, which helps accelerate mass vaccinations.Logistics Challenges [...]

Reverse Logistics Challenges

How to Overcome Reverse Logistics Challenges

Understanding reverse logistics challenges will be crucial in the coming years due to the growing emphasis on meeting consumer demand and satisfaction. Reverse logistics is the process of handling returns, recycling, and disposal. The rise of third-party logistics (3PL) firms is helping raise distribution standards by investing in innovative technology [...]

IoT Technology

4 Ways to Digitally Transform Business Models with IoT Technology

Digitization is changing the way people do business. Beyond the factory floor is edge country, where technologies like Mobile IoT, LoRa, and eventually 5G provide the network connectivity necessary for greater visibility and monitoring of the supply chain. Combined with cloud computing, blockchain, and sensors, IoT technology is useful for [...]