Are Trade Show Cancellations Causing Social Distancing Between You and Your Customers?

Webinars provide a chance to showcase industry savvy, raise brand awareness, and develop more personal relationships with potential clients and customers. As a lead magnet, they also provide opportunities to promote business cases around products and answer questions in real-time.

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Engage with New And Existing Leads

New Leads

Attendees who sign up for your webinar through paid advertising are likely to be unfamiliar with the brand, but their interest shows they would like to know more. In this case, the company should take more time to explain their background and history. Dedicating this time for storytelling creates a framework that helps attendees get to know the brand, the technology, and the value proposition.

Existing Leads

Registrants acquired through previous business services or from an existing mailing list are already familiar with your products or services; thus, it will be essential to cover your differentiating features or new offerings. Additional content can include use cases or examples of clients who are currently using the product, and blogs or articles explaining how and where those businesses have seen benefits.

Advantages of Hosting a Webinar

  • Cost is substantially less per lead than attending a trade show
  • Webinars continue to draw leads through the recorded event
  • Access to clients who may not have attended industry events
  • Insights into your target audience through real-time Q&A 
  • Great method to build an email list and generate qualified leads 

Do not underestimate the power of a well-planned webinar event. It is an excellent business tool for tapping into new audiences, identifying new pain points, and building deeper relationships with your customer base. Just like a good trade show meeting, focused, and thoughtful conversation can quickly develop into lead conversions and other collaborative opportunities.

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IoT Marketing Webinar Series

To help build a community of ideas, advice, and solutions, IoT Marketing will be launching a multi-industry webinar series beginning with “Why Webinars Work: When Trade Shows Go Dark.”

Our first event will focus on the current challenges trade shows are facing, and how online events can be used to bridge the gap between client and enterprise in a virtual environment. Attendees can expect engaging and informational discussions around strategies and marketing concepts that make use of webinars and other digital technologies.

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Event Details

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020
Duration: 11:00AM to 12:00PM CST
Register by May 6 at 11:59 PM CST

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*We're sorry, but the webinar has already passed. Registration has been disabled.

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